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* Golem's Rock Slide is incorrectly referred as {{m|Avalanche}}.
* Golem's Rock Slide is incorrectly referred as {{m|Avalanche}} in the Chuang Yi translation.

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VS Glalie
VS オニゴーリ
VS Onigohri
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 26
Round number 307
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Pinsir
Next Round VS Kirlia

VS Glalie (Japanese: VS オニゴーリ VS Onigohri) is the 307th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the fifth round of the Emerald chapter.


Emerald's final Pokémon and his last chance to defeat Noland is a Sceptile. Noland quickly orders his Golem to use Rock Slide, and in the dust and smoke that rises, nobody manages to see what happened. When the dust begins to settle, Todd is surprised to see the Sceptile has gone on a berserker rage and is attacking Emerald himself. Fortunately, the cloud of dust is still thick enough so that nobody else notices. With no other choice, Emerald uses the same device he used to calm down Sudowoodo the previous day, and this time Todd takes photos of it. Sceptile calms down immediately just in time before the dust settles, and the battle continues.

Emerald orders Sceptile to use Leaf Blade, knocking out Golem. Noland then sends out his third Pokémon - Glalie, who has the clear type advantage. Glalie uses Crunch, causing ice to form on Sceptile in the process with the frost from its mouth. Sceptile tries recovering some vitality by eating its Leftovers, but Brandon and Tucker point out that the item won't help Emerald for long.

Glalie gets ready to attack again and Todd worries that it's Sheer Cold, but instead it's an Ice Beam. Sceptile manages to evade with Detect, but Noland reminds Emerald that Detect has a weakness - the more you use it, the less effective it becomes. Then, finally, Noland orders Glalie to use Sheer Cold, hitting Sceptile. Todd and Noland are sure the battle is over, but Emerald tells them to look again. Amazed, Noland realizes that Sceptile is getting up, while Glalie is falling down - just before Glalie's attack, Sceptile used Leech Seed. Emerald finishes off with Iron Tail, defeating Glalie and winning the battle, to the unbelieving eyes off the other Frontier Brains. Anabel, who has been watching the last part of the battle alone, leaves quietly.

Emerald begins to run off, but Noland tells him to wait and hands him the Knowledge Symbol - proof of the knowledge he has in him. The reporters, happy that it's finally over, get ready to interview both of them. Instead of being ready for interview, however, Noland and Emerald start discussing what Noland could've done differently, until the reporters yell at them to give them some more attention.

Later that night out on a hill, Todd congratulates Emerald on his win and confronts him about the device he used on Sceptile while it was attacking him. Emerald agrees to tell Todd everything, and shows him Sceptile's Poké Ball. Todd gets mad that Emerald took Sceptile without permission, but Emerald explains that he has to inspect it, since the reason it went berserk in the first place was that someone from the audience shot a Poison Barb at it. Emerald then calls out to Latios and Latias, who emerge from the night sky and approach the boys.

Meanwhile at the Battle Pike, Greta tells Lucy that Brandon and Tucker are both completely rattled after Noland's defeat. Calmly, Lucy drinks her wine while sitting on her Seviper and tells Greta it's nothing to worry about - she'll be the next one to take on the challenger.

Major Events


Pokémon debuts






  • Golem's Rock Slide is incorrectly referred as Avalanche in the Chuang Yi translation.

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