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VS Swalot
VS マルノーム
VS Marunoom
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 26
Round number 304
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Sudowoodo
Next Round VS Illumise

VS Swalot or Bullets of Tranquility (Japanese: VS マルノーム VS Marunoom or 穏やかな弾丸 Bullets of Calmness) is the 304th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The round starts where the previous round ended: with Emerald firing a strange-looking gun at the reporter and the wild Sudowoodo attacking him. Although the reporter questions why a Trainer would hold a gun, Emerald corrects him by pointing out that isn't holding a gun. The gun's barrel opens up to reveal a small toy version of Emerald with scoops for arms that sits in a container of dirt. Emerald tells the two to look at the ground, which is revealed to be glowing in a pattern matching the jewel on Emerald's head. Sudowoodo suddenly calms down and releases the reporter from its grasp.

Emerald explains that the Sudowoodo was enraged because of the water that was poured on it earlier. He pulls out his Pokédex to point out that Sudowoodo is actually a Rock-type Pokémon and hates water. As he tells the reporter to not judge a book by its cover, Emerald realizes that he hadn't registered for the Battle Frontier yet and rushes off to sign up. While he leaves, Emerald tells the Sudowoodo that it's free to run back into the wild.

The reporter looks back on what just happened and points out that although Emerald stated he doesn't like Pokémon, he is still knowledgeable about them. He examines the ground closely, and finds a lump of dirt attached to a string where Emerald fired at him earlier. Before he can investigate any further, the reporter rushes off after remembering that he needs to cover the events.

Elsewhere, the Battle Frontier opening ceremony has begun, where Greta acts as the MC of an exhibition match staring Lucy and Spenser. The two Frontier Brains are set up against the computer, which sends out an Electrode and Swalot. Close by, Noland worries that due to Lucy's Seviper and Spenser's Crobat being both Poison-type Pokémon, they won't be able to poison Swalot. Anabel tells him to trust in Spenser's spirit and Lucy's luck. Anabel then asks where Tucker is, and Brandon replies that he hasn't seen him all day.

Back at Lucy and Spenser's location, the battle officially begins. They decide to take the easier opponent out first and have their Pokémon strike the Electrode with a Poison Fang and Poison Tail. The attacks poison the Electrode and leave it nearly defeated, but Swalot steps in to protect it. Swalot puts Seviper to sleep with a Yawn and quickly follows up with a powerful Hyper Beam. Lucy confidently reveals that the only thing that was hit was the skin Seviper shed earlier. The ground underneath Swalot begins cracking, which is revealed to be Seviper using Dig to attack it from below. The attack knocks out Swalot, making Lucy and Spenser the victors of the battle.

Meanwhile, Emerald has gotten lost in a long corridor. Just then, Tucker flies above him on his Salamence, and Emerald grabs on to Salamence to ask for directions. Tucker refuses to tell Emerald and insists that he get off of his Salamence. Emerald refuses, causing the two to get into a fight while still riding on Salamence's back.

Back at the ceremony, Scott starts explaining to the press about the seven facilities of the Battle Frontier and shows off the six present Frontier Brains. Realizing Tucker isn't there yet, Scott gets angry, only for Salamence to show up with a dazed look in its eyes. Scott asks Tucker where he has been, only to find Emerald is the one on Salamence's back instead of its proper Trainer. Emerald introduces himself to everyone and his goal: to conquer the Battle Frontier.

A furious Scott yells at Emerald for crashing the ceremony and demands to know where Tucker is. Meanwhile, Tucker lies somewhere while being tied up and gagged with tape.

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