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VS Swalot
VS マルノーム
VS Marunoom
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 26
Round number 304
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Sudowoodo
Next Round VS Illumise

VS Swalot (Japanese: VS マルノーム VS Marunoom) is the 304th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the second round of the Emerald chapter.


The round starts where the previous round ended: with Emerald holding a strange-looking gun at Todd, who is being attacked by a wild Sudowoodo. Emerald explains to Todd that he's not really holding a gun, but a gadget that calms Pokémon down by shooting something at the ground. After shooting, Sudowoodo suddenly becomes meek, and Emerald tells Todd that it was his fault for angering Sudowoodo by pouring water on the Rock-type Pokémon.

Suddently remembering he has to register to the Battle Frontier before it's too late, Emerald puts his platforms back on and rushes away, telling Sudowoodo it can go back to the wild. Todd is left alone, wondering about the mysterious boy that just saved him. He examines the ground closely, and finds that what Emerald shot earlier were bullets filled with soil and tied in a string. Before he can further investigate, however, it is announced that the Battle Frontier opening ceremony will commence soon. Knowing that he has to cover the event, Todd rushed to the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Greta acts as the MC, starting the ceremony with a battle demonstration: Lucy and Spenser will be fighting against two Pokémon randomly selected and controlled by the computer. The computer selects Swalot and Electrode, while the other Frontier Brains watch from the side. Noland is worried because Lucy's Seviper and Spenser's Crobat, both Poison-type Pokémon, won't be able to poison Swalot - but Anabel tells him to leave it to Spenser's spirit and Lucy's luck. She then asks where Tucker is, and Brandon replies that he hasn't seen him all day.

The battle begins, and Lucy and Spenser both order their Pokémon to attack Electrode with Poison Tail and Poison Fang respectively. Electrode is on the brink of being knocked out, but Swalot protects him and uses Yawn, putting Lucy's Seviper to sleep. It then attacks Seviper with Hyper Beam, but Lucy reveals that thanks to Seviper's Shed Skin, it was already awake, and Swalot was only attacking the skin. Seviper then attacks Swalot from the ground with Dig, finishing the battle.

Meanwhile, Emerald can't find his way to the front desk to register. Just then, Tucker flies above him on his Salamence, and Emerald grabs on to Salamence, asking Tucker for directions. Tucker angrily tells Emerald that this place is only accessible to the people in charge and orders him to get off, but Emerald insists to stay on.

At the ceremony, Scott starts explaining to the press about the seven facilities of the Battle Frontier and presents the six present Frontier Brains. Realizing Tucker isn't there yet, Scott gets angry - but just then, Salamence shows up, carrying Emerald. Scott asks him who he is, and Emerald introduces himself and says that he's there to conquer the Battle Frontier. Emerald asks Scott if he's the receptionist, and Scott yells at him that he's the owner, and that Emerald just gate-crashed a press conference. Tucker, in the meantime, is shown to be tied up and gagged.

Major Events


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  • The two Pokémon that the two brains face in this round, Electrode and Swalot, are the "avatars" the two authors, Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto use in their comment boxes every volume. However, it is worth noting that Satoshi Yamamoto only began using Pokémon to represent himself starting in the Volume 11, and even then it was a Slowpoke until four volumes later.


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