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VS Sudowoodo
VS Usokkie
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 26
Round number 303
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round The Holders' Bond
Next Round VS Swalot

VS Sudowoodo (Japanese: VSウソッキー VS Usokkie) is the 303rd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the first round of the Emerald chapter.


The chapter starts with Pyramid King Brandon finding the legendary Golems, who are still weak after the battle in Sootopolis City in the Ruby & Sapphire chapter. He succeeds in catching all three of them, and then calls his boss, Scott, to report. Scott, who is at the Battle Frontier construction site, tells Brandon that Anabel also caught Raikou in Johto. After they finish their conversation, Scott receives another phone call - this time from Professor Samuel Oak in Kanto.

Two months later, Latias and Latios bring Emerald to the now-finished Battle Frontier. Meanwhile, Todd, an excited reporter, has also arrived to the Battle Frontier along with many other members of the press. Todd gets rid of excess water he has by watering a nearby tree, when suddenly he sees something falling into a bush. He picks it up and finds that it's a Frontier Pass carrying the name Emerald. Emerald then jumps from above and tells Todd the pass is his, but as he step forward to take it back, his platform shoes break and he falls.

Todd asks Emerald for an interview, and Emerald agrees. However, just as the reporter finishes asking the first question - "what do you like about Pokémon?" - an angry Sudowoodo picks Todd up. As it turns out, the tree Todd watered before was not a tree at all. Todd asks Emerald for help, and Emerald starts looking for his ammunition. When Todd yells at him to just take out his Pokémon and battle, Emerald explains that he doesn't have any Pokémon on him, and for that reason he can't answer Todd's interview question. Confused, Todd asks Emerald how come he's entering the Battle Frontier if he's not a Pokémon Trainer, Emerald takes out a gun and answers that it's not the Pokémon that he likes - it's the Pokémon battles. With that, Emerald aims his gun at Todd and Sudowoodo, and fires.

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