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It Takes Patience, Knowledge and a Really Quick Beedrill
Reason to Fight

It Takes Patience, Knowledge and a Really Quick Beedrill (Japanese: 戦う訳 Reason to Fight) is the 283rd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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On Birth Island, as Giovanni sends out his Aggron to attack Deoxys and claims that the power of outer space belongs to him. Deoxys manages to get out of the way with Teleport. Although he praises Deoxys's skills and notes how the Delta Shield will protect it from attacks while also healing it, Giovanni states he can read Deoxys like an open book. He sends out his Beedrill and has it use Agility to boost its speed up to its highest. Deoxys dodges Beedrill's attacks, but the Delta Shield begins turning red, signifying that Deoxys is becoming nervous.

Giovanni has his Aggron smash the Delta Shield with a Brick Break. He throws a Poké Ball at Deoxys, which sucks it inside and fully captures it. Giovanni picks up the Poké Ball and gloats that Deoxys is finally his. He notes how the Delta Shield is a combination of Light Screen and Reflect, so he wasn't sure that Brick Break would work so well against it. He thanks Red for helping contribute to the data they managed to gather on Deoxys. He reveals that the Ruby and Sapphire, which was handed to Sird, will put Hoenn's climate all throughout Kanto, which will allow Deoxys to change formes repeatedly.

At the Rocket Warehouse, Sird expresses delight in seeing Giovanni's successful capture of Deoxys. She tells Carr that they need to start the next phase of their plan. Carr is too distracted from the picture he found, so Sird yells at him to get his attention. Carr snaps out of it and puts the picture in his pocket while he follows Sird.

On Five Island, Red continues walking around. He notices Blue and the Sailor discussing strategies, while Bill is trying to fix the Pokémon Center. He looks around more and sees Green training with Ultima to help Blasty master Hydro Cannon. He notes how Blue and Green are fighting for their families, while he doesn't have anyone to fight for. He asks Pika if he's too scared to fight because he has no motivation. Pika sees through Red's excuse, which Red notes is because they had been through so much together.

Red tells Pika that before Deoxys arrived, he could tell that it was coming. He describes it as a sharp pain inside his heart which caused his body to shake. He notes that the feeling went away when Deoxys left and guesses the feeling he had is somehow connected to Deoxys's arrival. Pika gestures to Red, which helps him realize the reason why he has to fight Deoxys: to rescue Professor Oak and Green's parents from Team Rocket. In addition to this, Red wants to find out what the strange feeling he experienced was. He thanks Pika for helping him spill his hear out and sets off to go and find himself.

Red decides to head to Seven Island and find Lorelei, but he hears a voice in his head stating that they have already found her. Suddenly, a large spoon with Lorelei sitting inside appears in front of Red. As it tosses Lorelei on the ground, the voice states that it agrees with Red's current state of mind, as it also once went to find itself. Seeing the spoon causes Red to realize that the person in front of him is the Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon created by Team Rocket, Mewtwo.

Major events

  • Giovanni battles against Deoxys and captures it.
  • Red goes out on a journey to find himself.
  • Mewtwo appears in front of Red and reveals that it saved Lorelei.
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Pokémon debuts





  • In the Japanese version, Mewtwo directly quotes the Japanese name of Mewtwo Returns when it tells Red that it has arrived.


In other languages

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