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VS Rayquaza II
VS レックウザ II
VS Rayquaza II
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 21
Round number 259
Previous Round VS Rayquaza I
Next Round The Final Showdown I

VS Rayquaza II (Japanese: VS レックウザ II VS Rayquaza II or 戦渦の告白 Confession During Battle) is the 259th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga in the Ruby & Sapphire chapter.


Before they leave Mirage Island, Sapphire confesses her feelings to a stunned Ruby just as Juan signals for them to take off. Juan informs Ruby that he, along with Tate & Liza, will be remaining on the island to monitor their return to the real world outside of Mirage Island's time flow. Riding her Tropius, Sapphire reveals to Ruby that given the short amount of time they have left, she was afraid that Ruby would leave as he had said so before she told him how she felt. Sapphire reveals that years ago, she fell in love with a boy she had met and defended her from a Salamence (causing Ruby to realise that Sapphire was the girl he met years ago), and that she made a promise with him to get stronger - based on news she had heard from Professor Birch about Red, who won the Pokémon League tournament at the age of 11. Sapphire also explains that when she met Ruby near Littleroot Town, it was 80 days before her birthday and she was concerned that she was running out of time to keep her promise to her childhood crush - so she had made the 80-day bet with Ruby out of impulse. Eventually, though, Sapphire fell in love with Ruby, having come to admire his inner strength and the way he cares for Pokémon, and she hopes that Ruby can return to Littleroot with her after the crisis is resolved.

Back at Mirage Island, Juan realises that the synchronisation of time fields between the island and the real world have unstabilised, and warns Ruby and Sapphire to be careful. Shortly after, the Trainers breach into the real world, appearing as though out of nowhere, surprising Wallace and Steven. Ruby asks Sapphire to force the Blue Orb out of her body, and summons Wallace's aircar remotely via his Pokégear. To Sapphire's horror, Ruby takes the Blue Orb and pushes her, Plusle and Minun into mid-air, catching them in Wallace's aircar and locking them inside. Sapphire, distraught, begs Ruby to let her out, but Ruby says that now that he knows of Sapphire's feelings for him, he can't afford to bring her to the final battle - because he loves her too. Taking off his hat, Ruby reveals the scar he received during his childhood to Sapphire; Sapphire realises that Ruby and the childhood playmate she had a crush on are one and the same. Turning to his new partner, Magma Admin Courtney, Ruby rides Sapphire's Tropius into the fray with both Orbs in his hands. At the same time, Norman continues to head for Sootopolis City on Rayquaza.

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