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VS Vibrava
VS ビブラーバ
VS Vibrava
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 20
Round number 245
Location Lilycove City/Slateport City
Previous Round VS Kyogre & Groudon VIII
Next Round VS Ninjask

VS Vibrava or Three On Three (Japanese: VS ビブラーバ VS Vibrava or 激突 スリーonスリー Three On Three Clash) is the 245th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The Gym Leaders facing Groudon, Brawly, Roxanne, and Wallace, are confronted by the Three Fires of Team Magma, Mack, Mitch, and Marge who have come to stop them from halting Groudon's rampage. The Three Fires jump down and take the Gym Leaders in the currently-abandoned Lilycove City. Mack takes Brawly into the Lilycove Museum, while Mitch takes Wallace to the Lilycove Department Store and Marge takes Roxanne to the Lilycove Inn.

Elsewhere, Wattson and Flannery continue their battle against Kyogre. Above them, Angie and Ark arrive, angry at the Gym Leaders' attempt to stop Kyogre. Angie gets a signal from Amber, which informs them that he is on his way to help them. As they decide on a course of action, a figure in the sky quickly approaches them. Angie assumes that it's Amber, but she is proven wrong when they are hit by a DragonBreath attack. The figure turns out to be Winona, the commander of the Gym Leaders that had been given clearance to help her fellow Leaders. Winona continuously attacks Ark, preventing him from fighting back.

Angie tries to stop Winona, leading to Flannery going to help while Wattson stays behind to stop Kyogre. Flannery attacks Angie, preventing her from attacking Winona. Upon getting a good look at Angie, Flannery gets determined to defeat her after recognizing her from Mt. Chimney. Annoyed, Angie charges into battle against her new opponent and dodges her attacks.

Wattson continues to battle against Kyogre, but regrets staying behind to battle it alone. He notes that Kyogre has gotten stronger, and is preparing for another. A voice appears to confirm Wattson's suspicions, and states that it's because of Archie taking control of the Blue Orb. The voice is revealed to be Amber, who slowly rises out of the water.

At Slateport City, the Swimmer moves about the flooded city to look for any people left. After finding no one, the Swimmer assumes that everyone already left to New Mauville already. He notices a young boy left behind, and quickly goes to ask if he is alright. The boy reveals that he was so engrossed in reading that he simply didn't notice everyone had left. The boy reveals that he is reading in Braille, which impresses the Swimmer. The boy states that he was told by the Hoenn League Champion, Steven Stone. Elsewhere, Steven walks out of a building with Phoebe, Sidney, Glacia, and Drake—the Elite Four.

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