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VS Volbeat
VS バルビート
VS Barubeat
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 20
Round number 242
Location Seafloor Cavern
Previous Round VS Dusclops
Next Round VS Armaldo

VS Volbeat or Betrayed by the Leader (Japanese: VS バルビート VS Barubeat or 裏切りの総帥 Betrayed by the Leader) is the 242nd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Inside the Seafloor Cavern, Archie asks Amber why Kyogre has stalled its activity while Groudon continues to move about. Despite the death of Mt. Chimney and the fact that Kyogre awoke earlier than Groudon, it's barely active, while Groudon continues to rampage. Furious, Archie realizes that Team Magma must have a hand in this, and sends Amber to find out what the problem is.

Elsewhere in the cavern, Maxie struggles while using the Red and Blue Orbs to control Kyogre and Groudon simultaneously. However, he suddenly falls back in exhaustion. When Mitch helps Maxie up, Maxie explains that controlling two ancient Pokémon at the same time is extremely difficult; he hadn't realized how much of a drain on his mental capacities it would be. Maxie asks Mitch to take the Blue Orb a little distance away and control Kyogre himself so that Maxie can concentrate on harnessing Groudon's power.

As Mitch carries the Blue Orb back towards the submarine, accompanied by his Torkoal, Amber watches from a hiding place above. When Mitch reaches the submarine, but sudden glow distracts and confuses him and his Pokémon. Mitch recognizes it as the move Tail Glow, and has his Torkoal use Yawn to put the culprit, a Volbeat, to sleep. Mitch demands that Volbeat's owner show themselves, at which point Amber steps forward, noting casually that Team Aqua should have done more research in order to discover the existence of the two Orbs. Amber orders another two Volbeat to use Signal Beam, and Mitch counters with Heat Wave, using the time bought by the blast to escape into the submarine. As soon as he jumps inside, however, Amber catches hold of him from behind, having left his Pokémon outside in the cavern so that he could follow Mitch.

Mitch demands that Amber let him go, since Torkoal is ready to attack again, but Amber swears to steal the Blue Orb under any circumstances. Torkoal is carrying the Orb on its back, and Amber, thinking fast, has one of his Volbeat outside blast a light over Torkoal. At first it seems as though nothing happened, until Mitch realizes the Blue Orb has become a Figy Berry! Mitch grabs the ladder to try to clamber back out and retrieve the Orb, Amber still clinging tight, while explaining that he had Volbeat use Trick to switch the items the two Pokémon were carrying. Outside, Archie has been waiting, and receives the Blue Orb from Volbeat, mesmerized by its obvious power.

Having successfully retrieved the Orb, Amber calls for Archie to lend him a hand out of the sub. Instead, Archie shuts and locks the escape hatch, and the submarine sinks on autopilot. As Amber and Mitch gape in horror, Archie tells them through the intercom that he's removed the heart component of the submarine, so that it will break apart under the water pressure after reaching a critical depth. He thanks Amber for his hard work and tells them both to enjoy their tour of the ocean depths, then turns off the transmission and studies the Blue Orb. He is convinced that having it will finally put he and Maxie on even footing, and that nothing can stop him now.

Underwater, the S.S. Kaien 1 begins to buckle under the weight of the water as Ruby and Sapphire passes it by while making their way towards the Seafloor Cavern with Relo.

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