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VS Kyogre & Groudon VI
VS カイオーガ & グラードン VI
VS Kyogre & Groudon VI
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 19
Round number 238
Location Slateport City/Route 126
Previous Round VS Kyogre & Groudon V
Next Round VS Kyogre & Groudon VII

VS Kyogre & Groudon VI or The Only Path (Japanese: VS カイオーガ & グラードン VI VS Kyogre & Groudon VI or ただ1つの道 The Only Path) is the 238th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

Ruby realizes that the Pokémon Sapphire is holding is the one he learned about from Mr. Briney. According to what he had heard, Ruby figures out that no one seems to know that Sapphire's Relo can help them find their opponents. He decides to go outside and mull over what to do, but notices Feefee flopping around in the water. Ruby rescues her with the help of Popo, only to find out that he only rescued a Magikarp.

Ruby hears a voice calling out for the Magikarp, which turns out to belong to a young boy. Ruby returns the Magikarp to the boy, who turns out to be blind. The boy thanks Ruby for saving his Magikarp and expresses envy for his skills as a Trainer. The boy states that if he had skills like Ruby did, he would use them to help people.

The words of the boy cause Ruby to remember about how Sapphire and Wallace called him selfish and self-centered. He remembers about how his refusal to fight caused people to be injured even though he had the ability to do so. He briefly tries to think about what to do and eventually figures it out.

Ruby apologizes to his team about what he did to Feefee to his team and asks if they still want to stay with him. Later, Kiki approaches Wallace and gives him a letter written by Ruby. Wallace reads the letter, which reveals that Ruby has decided to fight against Team Magma.

Back at Sapphire and Winona's location, Sapphire gets frustrated at the lack of an ability to follow their enemies. Sapphire decides to swim to the Seafloor Cavern herself, but Winona stops her as it would be impossible for a human. Winona expresses frustration that even though they want to do something, it's impossible to go to the bottom of the sea. Suddenly, a voice shouts out that there is a way to go underwater, surprising the two.

The voice is revealed to be Ruby, who had arrived with Wallace with a new outfit. Sapphire gets irritated, as she is still angry with Ruby. Ruby reveals that Mr. Briney told him about a Pokémon that helped people get to the bottom of the sea. Sapphire's Relicanth, Relo, happens to be the same kind of Pokémon, and with it, they can get to the bottom of the sea.

Winona gets angry, as she refuses to believe that any Pokémon has the power to do such a thing. Sapphire stops Winona and states that she believes what Ruby said because of what happened when the tidal wave was about to hit the two of them. Ruby gets happy that Sapphire believes him and reveals that the move Relo can use to help them go underwater is Dive.

Ruby calls Mr. Briney on his Pokégear and tells him about Relo's size. After finishing the call, Ruby reveals that because of Relo's size, it can go to the bottom of the sea, but can only carry two children while doing so. Winona quickly figures out what this means, as Wallace states that Ruby had volunteered to go the Seafloor Cavern with Sapphire. Winona has doubts about this plan, but Wallace decides to put his trust in Ruby.

Although Ruby expresses joy in going on an adventure, Sapphire gets angry at Ruby and demands to know what he has planned. Ruby notices Sapphire's leaf bikini once and points out that it will fall off once they go underwater. Ruby presents Sapphire with a new set of clothes and states that he thinks she'd like them. After a brief pause, Sapphire puts on her new clothes and throws away the bikini.

Wallace wishes the two good luck and tells them to defeat their opponents at the Seafloor Cavern. Ruby, Sapphire, and Relo jump off of Lorry and into the water. Relo uses Dive and brings the two underwater.

The counter of the bet continues at twenty-seven days.

Major events

  • Ruby decides to battle against Team Magma.
  • Ruby makes himself and Sapphire new clothes.
  • Ruby and Sapphire team up and go down to the Seafloor Cavern.


Pokémon debuts






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