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VS Walrein
VS トドゼルガ
VS Todoseruga
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 19
Round number 230
Location Lilycove City
Previous Round VS Lunatone & Solrock
Next Round VS Masquerain

VS Walrein (Japanese: VS トドゼルガ VS Todoseruga or 巨悪共闘 Evil United Front) is the 230th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Outside of the Hoenn TV station in the evening, Archie leaves work. In the parking lot, a voice calls to him, noting that Team Aqua has been busy lately, and a lighter whizzes through the air, slamming into the side of a car behind Archie. Archie calls out his Walrein and demands whoever is there to show themselves. The lighter begins releasing flames, which reveals the image of Maxie inside of it. Suddenly, Maxie and his Camerupt appear a few feet from Archie.

Maxie accuses Archie of making life difficult for Team Magma by using his influence on the media to cover up Team Aqua's activities and keep the spotlight on Team Magma. Archie agrees, and says that he's also been able to blame a lot of Team Aqua's actions on Team Magma as well, keeping his own organization's profile low. Enraged, Maxie attacks with Camerupt, but Archie counters with Walrein, and Maxie challenges Archie to a one-on-one battle, to which Archie concedes.

Camerupt and Walrein clash, and Walrein manages to sink its fangs into Camerupt's back. However, Camerupt's Magma Armor prevents it from being frozen, and it unleashes an Eruption that blasts Walrein off of it.

Meanwhile, Maryann and Tyler are driving back to the TV station, Maryann still in knots over the accusation that her company has been keeping vital information from the public, and vowing to ask the director about it personally. Tyler worries that Maryann won't give up chasing this story until she has a straight answer. As they approach the TV station, the explosion of Camerupt's Eruption attack startles them so badly that Maryann skids the car to a halt. The pair get out and spy through the bushes, witnessing Maxie and Archie's confrontation.

Despite the force of the Eruption, Archie reveals that Walrein's Thick Fat kept it from being badly damaged. The two men's Pokémon are thus equally matched. Faced with this standoff, Maxie reveals why he really came: Team Magma has possession of the S.S. Kaien 1, while Team Aqua has the heart component that lets it travel deep underwater, so that neither of them has the ability to actually get where they want to go. Maxie proposes an idea: the two teams will join forces just long enough to journey to the bottom of the sea, and then they can resume their fight as soon as they reach their destination. Otherwise, neither of them will ever get what they want. Archie agrees to the plan.

Nearby, Maryann and Tyler witness the whole thing, and it's only Tyler grabbing her that stops Maryann from charging in and demanding answers from Archie. They're both badly shaken by the revelation that their own director seems to also be the leader of Team Aqua.

Major events

  • Archie and Maxie battle one another.
  • Maryann and Tyler discover Archie's identity.
  • Archie and Maxie agree to a temporary truce between Team Aqua and Team Magma.


Pokémon debuts





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