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VS Lunatone & Solrock
VS ルナトーン & ソルロック
VS Lunatone & Solrock
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 19
Round number 229
Location Mt. Pyre
Previous Round VS Grumpig II
Next Round VS Walrein

VS Lunatone & Solrock or The Two Jewels (Japanese: VS ルナトーン & ソルロック VS Lunatone & Solrock or ふたつの宝珠 The Two Jewels) is the 229th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The chapter begins with the legend of Kyogre and Groudon, describing how their feud ravaged the world until the Red and Blue Orbs brought it to an end, and the two Pokémon vanished into the depths of the sea, never to be seen again.

Atop Mt. Pyre, an old woman tells her husband that enemies have invaded the mountain and Tate and Liza are fighting them. Although worried that the twins are too young to take the responsibility off their hands, the old couple vow to protect the Orbs no matter the cost. Back at Tate and Liza's location, the twins continue to face the Team Magma Grunts in a Double Battle.

By boosting their stats with Cosmic Power in addition to the Rock-type that their Pokémon have, the twins gains a huge advantage in the fight. Tate and Liza continue to attack their foes with powerful moves that can hit both targets, which begins to whittle their opponents down. Liza begins bragging and tells her foes to leave, only to start staggering because of the intense heat.

Suddenly, their foes rise up again, signifying that they haven't decided to give up. As Tate and Liza continue to battle their foes, Mack watches from above. Mack reveals that the Grunts the twins are fighting are only illusions he created with the heat. Tate and Liza are completely fooled, and they continue to wonder why their attacks aren't hitting.

As the two fight something that isn't there, Mack goes to search for the Red and Blue Orbs. Using the Detector, Mack finds the old couple and easily swats them away. He picks the two gems from their pedestals, confident over his victory.

Major events

  • Tate and Liza continue to fight the Team Magma Grunts.
  • Mack reveals that Tate and Liza are only fighting illusions.
  • Mack steals the Blue and Red orbs.


Pokémon debuts





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