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VS Altaria
VS チルタリス
VS Tyltalis
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 18
Round number 226
Location Fortree City
Previous Round VS Anorith & Lileep
Next Round VS Grumpig I

VS Altaria (Japanese: VS チルタリス VS Tyltalis or ヒマワキでの再会 Reunion at Hiwamaki) is the 226th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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After witnessing Mt. Chimney's death at the hands of Team Aqua, Sapphire has prioritized defeating them over her goal of beating the Gym Leaders. In order to get stronger, she heads to the gathering location of the Gym Leaders, Fortree City. Upon arriving, Sapphire spots a Picnicker named Mikiko trying to rescuer he Zigzagoon from a tree.

The branch breaks, sending the Trainer and Pokémon plummeting to the ground. Using her tree climbing skills, Sapphire quickly rescues the two. After thanking her, the Trainer notes her Zigzagoon had fallen ill, so she decides to take it to a Pokémon Center. Sapphire says it'd be much faster if she treated it, so she picks the Zigzagoon up and presses her nose to its buttocks. Using this method, Sapphire figures out that Zigzagoon has the flu, so she feeds it a Berry to heal it.

Sapphire's mannerisms cause the Picnicker to figure out who she is, so she goes to inform Winona. Winona shows that she is already there, and had been meaning to meet Sapphire before the awakening of Kyogre. Winona introduces herself as the Gym Leader of Fortree City, and had the residents inform her if they found a person that resembled Sapphire. Now knowing that Winona is a Gym Leader, Sapphire and Winona begin their battle.

The battle starts with Sapphire sending out Toro and Winona flying on her Altaria. Toro proves to be a powerful opponent for Altaria, which Sapphire notes is because of all the training she had done before arriving. The strength Toro gained from the training allows her to evolve into her next form, a Blaziken. Although stronger, a well-used strategy from Winona allows her to defeat Toro, giving Sapphire the loss.

Winona notes that Sapphire had become careless when Toro evolved, allowing Altaria to heal and strengthen itself to give the power to win. Despite the loss, Winona offers to coach Sapphire and help her get stronger. When Winona asks her how many Gym Leaders she had defeated, Sapphire replies that Winona is the fifth she challenged. Happy at this answer, Winona asks some people to come out in the open. Four people come out of a house, the Gym Leaders that Sapphire had already beaten, Roxanne, Brawly, Wattson, and Flannery.

Winona reveals that they have gathered for an important purpose. When Sapphire asks, Winona states that it is because the legendary Pokémon Kyogre is going awaken, and they need her help to deal with it. Winona knows that Sapphire may not have an answer at first, so she has her wait before deciding on her answer. Suddenly, Wallace, another Gym Leader, arrives, although Winona is shocked to see that he had brought someone with him.

In Wallace's car, Ruby notes that Fortree is beautiful. Upon looking down, Ruby and Sapphire are shocked to the other in the same location.

The counter of the bet continues at thirty days.

Major events

  • Sapphire arrives at Fortree City.
  • Sapphire meets Winona and loses to her in a Gym battle.
  • Toro evolves into Blaziken.
  • Sapphire meets the other Gym Leaders again.
  • Sapphire and Ruby meet up again.


Pokémon debuts





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