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VS Shiftry
VS ダーテング
VS Dirteng
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 18
Round number 222
Location Fortree City
Previous Round VS Loudred & Exploud II
Next Round VS Luvdisc I

VS Shiftry or Gym Leaders Gather (Japanese: VS ダーテング VS Dirteng or 招集 ジムリーダーズ Gym Leaders Gather) is the 222nd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The Gym Leaders of Hoenn each receive a phone call simultaneously, bar the ones at the Mossdeep and Sootopolis Gyms. The caller is revealed to be Flannery, who calls for an emergency meeting between the nine Gym Leaders. At Fortree City, the Gym Leaders begin to gather, each in a different way. Roxanne rides on her Graveler, Brawly climbs the trees with his Machoke, Wattson rides on his Manectric, Norman rides on his motorboat, and Flannery takes an elevator.

After a while, all the Gym Leaders have gathered, although Roxanne is disappointed to see that only six out of the nine Gym Leaders arrived. Flannery reveals that she wasn't able to contact Tate & Liza, but Wallace will be able to join the group, only not in person. After Wallace shows up on a video screen, Flannery begins her presentation.

Flannery reveals that the death of Mt. Chimney is unnatural, and was caused by an evil group. Flannery states that the Gym Leaders should team up to beat them evil group threatening Hoenn. When Winona asks if it was Team Magma that attack, Flannery states that the team she fought was Team Aqua, and that she was helped by Team Magma. Flannery believes that Team Magma is on their side, but Brawly wonders if Team Aqua is the better team, as he can swim more if the sea gets expanded.

This angers Wattson, who points out that Mauville is suffering because of the lack of land. Because of Professor Cozmo's involvement with Team Aqua and her friendship with him, Roxanne believes that Aqua is the good side. Winona decides to side with Flannery based on her judgement of Team Magma. Worried that the choices on which team is evil or not is even, Wattson decides that Norman's vote will have to decide it.

Norman, however, decides to not choose either team, and prepares to leave. Although Winona tries to stop him, Norman re-states that he chooses to remain neutral. As he leaves, Winona reminds Norman that he's a member of the Pokémon Association, which seems to irritate him. The others remain annoyed at his attitude, but Wattson tries to convince Norman to stay.

As Norman tries to leave, he is attacked by a wild Shiftry, which blocks him off of his bike. With his Slaking, Norman easily defeats the Shiftry. Impressed, Wattson points out that Norman is easily the strongest of the Gym Leaders. Wattson tries to apologize about what the others said, as they don't know Norman's past with the Pokémon Association. Before he can say anything further, Norman ushers him to stop.

Back with the other Gym Leaders, they realize that their current numbers are lacking. Flannery tries to recommend a Trainer she knows, but Roxanne states that an ordinary one will only slow them down. Winona decides to call the Pokémon Association headquarters in Lilycove to report their decision to the director. When she mentions that Norman left early, the director shows frustration at his actions. As Norman rides back home, he remembers what Wattson had said to him earlier.

Wallace interrupts Winona's call, and points out that the death of Mt. Chimney caused the energy balance of Hoenn to affect Sootopolis as well. He reveals that his journey to Fallarbor is to gather information from Professor Cozmo, as well as taking place in Contests. Winona reports this to the director, who replies that it means the awakening of the legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre. He also reveals that due to the sea rising first, it means that Kyogre will be the first to awaken. With the threat upon Hoenn apparent, the Gym Leaders, who's opinions are divided, must learn to work together in order to defeat their opponents.

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