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VS. Azumarill I
VS. マリルリ I
VS. Marilli I
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 17
Round number 212
Location Lavaridge Town
Previous Round VS. Slaking III
Next Round VS. Azumarill II

VS. Azumarill I (Japanese: VS. マリルリ I VS. Marilli I or ロープウェイの罠 Ropeway Trap) is the 212th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga in the Ruby & Sapphire chapter.


The chapter opens with Flannery and her Magcargo using Flamethrower to defeat a challenger at the Lavaridge Gym. Afterwards, Winona of Fortree City congratulates Flannery on beating 149 challengers consecutively since becoming Lavaridge Gym Leader, saying that such an impressive record erases her previous blunder. Winona also informs Flannery about Sapphire, a tough new Trainer who has already managed to defeat Roxanne, Brawly, and Wattson, and who is probably headed to Lavaridge Town next.

Afterwards, Flannery talks to herself while out walking, saying she isn't afraid of Sapphire and yelling out her name defiantly. Unfortunately, Angie and Amber overhear her, and mistakenly assume that Flannery knows something about Sapphire. Ludicolo and Carvanha overwhelm Flannery.

Some time later, Sapphire herself arrives at the base of Mt. Chimney. She notices that the cable car seems to be out of commission, but then it starts moving, and the door slides open to reveal Ark, along with Flannery, bound and gagged. Sapphire recognizes Ark at once, and uses Dono's Rollout as a springboard to leap high into the air and into the cable car. Inside, Ark reveals that he wanted Sapphire to climb aboard, but Sapphire is more worried by Flannery, who is obviously hurt. Enraged that Ark would use an innocent bystander as bait to lure her in, Sapphire orders Toro to attack Ark, but its blow is stopped by Ark's Azumarill, which then begins to flood the cable car with water.

While the car floods, Ark explains that it is airtight, so that eventually it will fill up completely and cut off their oxygen supply. As the water reaches the ceiling, his Azumarill creates an air bubble around his head, allowing him to continue to talk and breathe as water finally fills the car. He then calls out his Sharpedo to finish the helpless Flannery and Sapphire off.

Meanwhile, at the top of Mt. Chimney, Team Aqua is working on a large drilling machine affixed to the rim of the crater. Amber announces that it’s time to carry out their mission: stopping the volcano's activity!

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