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I'm Your Biggest Fan, Donphan/VS Donphan
VS ドンファン
VS Donfan
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 17
Round number 203
Location Route 110
Previous Round Slugging It Out with Slugma II
Next Round Plugging Past Electrike I

I'm Your Biggest Fan, Donphan/VS Donphan or Rampaging Robot (Japanese: VS ドンファン VS Donfan or 襲いくるカラクリ Rampaging Mechanism) is the 203rd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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This round starts off with Sapphire contemplating on Steven's whereabouts outside Mauville City. She resolves herself to challenge the Gyms and progress across Hoenn to search for clues. Whilst overlooking the city, Sapphire notices that the patch of grass she is standing on is markedly different to the other sections, and she springs a pitfall trap. Whilst dangling, Sapphire wonders where she has gotten to but is unable to see due to the perpetual darkness.

Sapphire manages to free herself from the trap by swinging out of it, landing hard on her rear. As she does so, she is approached by a mysterious looking robot, which proceeds to attack her with an array of punches. More robots then emerge, surrounding Sapphire. A huge robot disguised as a tree uproots from the ground, snatching Sapphire, Chic and Rono. Sapphire shouts at the machine to let her go, but it then flings both Sapphire and her Pokémon onto a conveyor belt, leading to a rail road and eventually trapping them inside a ball.

Wattson and Trick Master then emerge, celebrating their success in capturing a Donphan through a high five. Wattson then realizes suddenly that they mistakenly captured a human girl. The Donphan then appears, and on a rampage one of Wattson's robots, as Sapphire chides the two for mistaking her for a Pokémon. Wattson and the Trick Master then inform Sapphire that they were merely trying to capture the troublesome Donphan. They introduce themselves to Sapphire, who informs the two of her predicament with the pitfall trap. She asks whether that was one of their traps to capture Donphan, but they confirm that they only set the robot tree trap for Sapphire. Both Wattson and Trick Master confer on the issue, asking one another whether they are thinking the same thing. Wattson concludes that Sapphire accidentally uncovered the entrance to the "Phantom Underground", New Mauville. Both Wattson and Trick Master are ecstatic at this development, leading to Wattson creating a terrible pun, much to Sapphire's dismay.

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  • The joke Wattson tells in the original version is lost in translation. In the Japanese version, he calls New Mauville "地下都市", or "Underground City" and makes a pun on the kanji used in it being near-homonyms for "近" and "遠し", which mean "near" and "far" respectively.
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