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VS Plusle & Minun I
VS プラスル & マイナン I
VS Prasle & Minun I
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 16
Round number 198
Location Abandoned Ship
Previous Round VS Hariyama
Next Round VS Plusle & Minun II

VS Plusle & Minun I (Japanese: VS プラスル & マイナン I VS Prasle & Minun I or もう1つの巨悪 Another Evil Presence) is the 198th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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On Route 108, a moss-covered, half-sunken ship that has been long abandoned for centuries lies in a sea cemetery known as the Abandoned Ship. At night, Sapphire and Ruby sail on Sapphire's Walo. Ruby brushes Coco's fur, leading to Sapphire to complain that a guy uses makeup and tells Ruby that the son of a Gym Leader should learn things that should help in battle.

Sapphire decides to start training with Toro, which bothers Ruby as their attacks keep almost hitting him. Ruby retorts to Sapphire's previous comments by stating that he isn't a barbarian like her and is only interested in Pokémon. This offends Sapphire, who states that she wore the clothes she had before were for helping her father with his fieldwork.

Sapphire claims that Ruby should be grateful for letting him ride on Walo, but he states that he dragged him there. When Sapphire threatens to throw Ruby off, Walo begins shaking. While Ruby mistakes this for Walo telling them to stop fighting, Sapphire confirms that Walo is trying to tell them that something is ahead. They quickly find out that they have arrived at the Abandoned Ship, where Sapphire decides to have Ruby sleep at for the night.

Because her father will yell at her for sleeping in the same place as a boy, she tells Ruby to sleep on the ship for the night, despite his protests. Sapphire throws Ruby onto the ship and tells him to come back in the morning. Angry that a city boy like him has to camp out on a ship, Ruby looks for a place where he can sleep. He finds a place filled with different types of Berries growing and has Zuzu go pick some off.

Zuzu goes to pick some Berries, but something attacks him before he can get them. Ruby realizes that it must be a wild Pokémon and tells it that it won't be able to hide from him. Using Zuzu's radar, Nana and Coco attack the Pokémon, revealing it to be a wild Plusle and Minun. Due to finding them cute, Ruby decides to let the two off with a warning.

When he asks what they're doing on the ship, Plusle and Minun point to an old diary that had withered with age. Realizing that they were either separated from their Trainer or abandoned, Ruby pities the two and tries to comfort them. Plusle and Minun give Nana, Zuzu, and Coco some Aguav, Mago, and Wiki Berries, respectively.

Due to their tastes, the three Pokémon get confused due to their bodies being unable to digest the Berries. Angered, Ruby takes chase to the trickster duo. Outside, Sapphire hears sounds and believes that Ruby had come back due to being scared. She quickly realizes that she was was wrong and hears voices outside. Sapphire quickly goes on her guard knowing that more people had come to the ship.

Major events

  • Ruby and Sapphire reach the Abandoned Ship.
  • Ruby encounters a pair of trouble-making Pokémon.
  • Sapphire hears more people coming on the ship.


Pokémon debuts





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