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VS. Torchic
Vs アチャモ
Vs Achamo
Chapter Ruby & Sapphire
Collected in Vol. 15
Round number 183
Location Littleroot Town
Previous Round VS. Mightyena
Next Round VS. Dustox

VS. Torchic (Japanese: Vs アチャモ Vs Achamo or 80日後の約束 80-Days Challenge) is the 183rd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The round opens up with Ruby figuring out that Sapphire is a human while she attacks him in anger. As Toro attacks Nana, Ruby gets a call from Professor Birch who asks what is happening to him. After hearing the situation, he tells Ruby to take one of the two Pokémon in his bag, Mudkip or Treecko. With Professor Birch's advice, Ruby takes the Water-type Mudkip to combat the Fire-type Torchic.

At first, Ruby is disappointed at the Pokémon he picked and is unsure which Contest Category he should enter Mudkip in. As Sapphire continues attacking, Professor Birch tells Ruby to attack her but Ruby refuses because if he does, the Pokémon will get dirty. Sapphire grabs Ruby's collar, demanding to know why he attacked her after she saved him.

Professor Birch, hearing another voice with Ruby's, asks if someone else is with him. Ruby explains the situation to Professor Birch who replies that the girl attacking him is in fact, his daughter. Suddenly, the Pokégear loses reception but Ruby, now knowing the misunderstanding, tries to explain the situation to Sapphire. Before he can, Sapphire notices that they are being attacked by a Seviper.

Sapphire jumps in to battle the Seviper and asks Ruby for his assistance. Ruby refuses, he states that if he battles, his Pokémon would get dirty. After defeating the Seviper, Sapphire expresses her disgust with beautifying Pokémon and states that they should remain natural. This causes Ruby to get angry and the two get into an argument about their tastes.

Sapphire decides to make a bet: whoever can finish their goal, beating the Gym Leaders or winning all the Contest Ribbons, in 80 days will prove to the other that their goal is not as stupid as they once thought. Ruby decides to accept but just as he does, Sapphire faints from the wounds she received from the Mightyena when she saved Ruby.

Later, Ruby has given First Aid to Sapphire while the defeated Seviper wakes up to try to attack him. Ruby monologues that battling to win and being able to battle are two different things. Suddenly, a flash of light is seen and the Seviper falls to the ground, defeated yet again. Ruby and his Pokémon take their leave while Mudkip looks back in shock.

Major events

  • Ruby obtains a Mudkip.
  • Ruby and Sapphire are attacked by a Seviper.
  • Sapphire is revealed to own a Pokédex.
  • Ruby and Sapphire make a bet on who can master all levels of Pokémon Contests (Ruby) and obtain all 8 Hoenn Gym Badges (Sapphire) in 80 days.


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