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location=[[Ilex Forest shrine ]] |
location=[[Ilex Forest shrine ]] |
prev_round=The Last Battle XIII |
prev_round=The Last Battle XIII |
next_round=VS. Cacnea }}
next_round=Creeping Past Cacnea }}
'''The Last Battle XIV''' (Japanese: '''最終決戦XIV''' ''The Last Battle XIV'') is the 180th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga in the {{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}. It is also the last round in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter.
'''The Last Battle XIV''' (Japanese: '''最終決戦XIV''' ''The Last Battle XIV'') is the 180th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga in the {{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}. It is also the last round in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter.

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The Last Battle XIV
The Last Battle XIV
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 15
Round number 180
Location Ilex Forest shrine
Previous Round The Last Battle XIII
Next Round Creeping Past Cacnea

The Last Battle XIV (Japanese: 最終決戦XIV The Last Battle XIV) is the 180th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter. It is also the last round in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter.


201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

Together, the six Pokédex holders launch an attack at Pryce, but are interrupted by his ice mirrors which easily take their attacks. The ice mirrors, combined with water vapor in the air, transform into six ice humanoid soldiers which quickly subdue and imprison the Trainers. Pryce, sensing light from the Ilex Forest shrine, succeeds in opening the shrine and catching Celebi using the GS Ball. As he prepares to enter time through the shrine, the phenomenon causes the area to freeze rapidly. Crystal screams for Gold, and her mention prompts Pryce to commend the boy, who doggedly pursued him through time and managed to blind him during their previous encounter. However, Pryce managed to freeze Gold in a mirror and leave him in the time stream, and leaves to reveal the trapped Gold. Silver and Crystal are freed by Entei melting the ice, but are unable to venture into the warped space of the shrine. Gold explains that Pryce's GS Ball contains feathers from Ho-Oh and Lugia which are required to traverse time; Yellow realises that the feathers in her hat are actually the legendary feathers, and when she had first met and freed the Legendary Beasts, it was actually in the time stream which she entered due to possessing the feathers. Gold notices the feathers in her hat and shouts at the others to help free him; however, Yellow is unable to pull the feathers from her hat and is too embarrassed to reveal her gender in front of Red. Nonetheless, at Gold's furious demanding, she ends up reluctantly revealing her ponytail in a flourish, stunning both Red and Crystal who never knew she was really a girl. Crystal wordlessly passes the feathers into the time stream, freeing an ecstatic Gold who quickly notices the awkward atmosphere. Riding Raikou, he is joined by Crystal and Silver with the feathers in his hands, chasing after Pryce into time.

Amidst glimpses of their journeys, the trio witness a scene from Pryce's past where he lost two Lapras in an avalanche. Distraught, Pryce is horrified to then witness his Lapras' child hatch in front of him after losing its parents, and he breaks down. Behind them, the present Pryce confirms that all his machinations were so he could reunite his Lapras, Glacier, with his parents. Crystal is dumbfounded at the lengths that Pryce took for a seemingly simple desire, prompting the furious man to attack them. The attack blows away the legendary feathers, leaving the Pokédex holders at the crippling effects of the timestream. Pryce continues to speak, stating that he lied to Gold about Pokémon being weapons; he has always believed that Pokémon should be loved. Leaving the Trainers to their demise, Pryce commands Celebi to bring him to the exact moment before he lost his Lapras.

Outside the shrine, the other Pokédex holders struggle to break Pryce's ice prison. Blue notices that while Pryce's ice instantly reforms itself, a portion blasted by Entei's flames remains melted. He concludes that only Entei's fire can neutralise the ice. Red recalls filling Blasty with uniquely flammable water during his recuperation on Mt. Silver, and orders Blasty to spray water on the flames from Entei that remain, which spread and completely melt the ice. Now freed, Red leads the others in a charge, blasting attacks into the shrine.

Unable to move due to the effects of the time stream, Gold watches a scene from when he and Silver first met, and muses that everything began when he wrongly accused Silver of stealing his bag. Managing to grab the feathers, Gold hands them to his newfound friends in Crystal and Silver before diving into the timestream after Pryce, having said his thanks. Clinging to Pryce's wheelchair, Gold demands the release of Celebi, but Pryce is determined to rescue his Lapras and throws Gold off, insisting that Gold would never understand his grief. Gold, however, points out that as the Pokédex holder who holds the title of the Hatcher, he empathises with Pryce perfectly, which is why he cannot permit Pryce to hold onto Celebi. Tossing his billiard cue into Pryce's ice mirror, Gold releases Pichu to attack Pryce with electricity, having charged its power with Raikou's own electricity. The attack, driven into the ice mirror by Gold's cue functioning as a lightning rod, penetrates Pryce's defenses, and is followed by the attacks from Silver, Crystal and their seniors. The combination move ends up not only shattering the ice mirror, but also the GS Ball, releasing Celebi and exposing Pryce and Gold to be lost in time. However, Pryce's child Lapras manages to move into time and reunites with its parents, to Pryce's amazement. Celebi begins summoning a vision from Pryce's past: a very familiar song, and the sight of very familiar friends.

Outside, Wilton expresses disbelief at the Daycare Couple having known Pryce in the past. The couple explain that years ago, they were friends together with Pryce, Professor Oak, Agatha and Kurt, sharing a variety of ambitions and love for Pokémon. After the incident where Pryce lost his Lapras, however, he distanced himself from the group and became cold and callous. The friends wrote a song, which was recently covered by DJ Mary, in hopes that Pryce would eventually let go of his sadness. In the timestream, Pryce is moved to tears by Celebi's attempt to heal his pain, and gives Gold his best wishes before disappearing into time.

Crystal and Silver emerge from the shrine, much to the relief of their seniors. Yellow notices Pichu and names the species as the baby of Pika and Chuchu. Upon her asking for the person who hatched it, Silver gravely informs the others that Gold has been lost in time. A moment of silence passes before Blue apprehends Silver, arresting him for his earlier thefts. Crystal pleads with Blue on the basis that they had just lost a comrade, but Silver assures her that with everything resolved, he is willing to accept punishment for his crimes. However, a lofty voice points out that Silver cannot be arrested, since the wanted poster for those crimes shows two completely different people. As the caricatured poster floats by, everyone is stunned to see Gold atop the shrine, apparently unharmed. Gold is delighted to be reunited with his Pokémon, and briefly begins to flirt with Green before being beaten up by an enraged Silver. Crystal, on the sidelines, sheds tears of relief for Gold's return.

At Indigo Plateau, Misty decides to call Erika on her Pokégear, but as Erika gave Red her Pokégear before he left, Misty ends up calling Red. Misty is briefly overcome by her feelings for Red as Yellow realises that Red and Misty are talking, and awkwardness fills the air as the three are unable to speak. Green, fully aware of the romantic tension between them, smugly declares that the three should simply all live together, much to their embarrassment. Gold, amused at this sight, calls his mother to tell her that he'll be training with Red, and runs off with Red in tow to Yellow and Crystal's dismay. Red decides to head to Mt. Silver as a training ground, and the two protagonists head towards the mountain.

With the crisis resolved, both the Johto and Kanto regions sought to repair the damage left behind by Pryce. The Gym Leader tournament ended with Kanto winning after Clair reported that she had lost to Blaine; the Pokémon League tournament itself was cancelled for that year due to the destruction left behind in Indigo Plateau. Meanwhile, as a result of the new regulations stating that holders of Gym Badges could skip the tournament preliminaries, all the Gym leaders witnesses surges in the number of challenges they received. Bill, having realised that Pryce attempted to control time, began to incorporate time in his research for improving his Transfer System.

One morning, Professor Oak scrambles to wake up after having overslept without Daisy to wake him. Crystal informs him that she has completely filled in the Pokédex from the encounter with the legendary Pokémon, leaving Oak to contemplate asking her to help him catch more Pokémon that have been sighted in another region. Nonetheless, the Professor rushes to Goldenrod City to host his radio show with DJ Mary, where he is briefly interrupted by a young boy who wishes to request for a Pokédex.

Major events

  • The Pokédex holders battle against Pryce and his Ice Soldiers.
  • Celebi is captured in a GS Ball by Pryce.
  • The Pokédex holders (that didn't know already) learn that Yellow is a girl.
  • Gold is no longer frozen in time.
  • The Johto Pokédex holders go back in time to catch Pryce.
  • Pryce and Gold get stuck in time, but only Gold manages to escape.
  • Gold and Red go out to train at Mt. Silver.
  • Kanto Gym Leaders are recognized to have beaten Johto Gym Leaders in the tournament.
  • The Pokémon League is suspended from the damaged state that the entire fiasco left it in.


Pokémon debuts






  • In the VIZ Media publication of Pokémon Adventures, this round is published at the end of Volume 14 to end the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter all in one book. This was done due to Viz Media taking a year and a half break before publishing the Ruby & Sapphire chapter, which comprises most of Volume 15 following this round.
  • In the VIZ Media version of this round, Gold touching Green's rear is edited to being an accident, with the dialog stating he was trying to pat her on the shoulder when she bent down.
  • Bill's new research involving time is a possible reference to the Time Capsule.
  • Professor Oak's dialogue in the final pages of the chapter mirror his introductory speech in the Gold and Silver games.


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