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The Last Battle XIII
The Last Battle XIII
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 14
Round number 179
Location Ilex Forest
Previous Round The Last Battle XII
Next Round The Last Battle XIV

The Last Battle XIII (Japanese: 最終決戦XIII The Last Battle XIII) is the 179th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter.


Bill, having realised something, runs to the room where the Pokémon Transfer System is held, supported by Daisy Oak. Despite his injuries, Bill is determined to help, and explains that during his investigations on the Transfer System's breakdowns, he found no changes that could be attributed to the work of a hacker. However, he has now realised that the changes had been hidden due to the hackers hacking into the display systems, and to prove his point he reveals that the system has been completely drained of power, resulting in the breakdown. Bill theorises that Neo Team Rocket stole the energy for their own purposes and altered the displayed readings to hide the energy theft, and now the system needs energy from another source in order to reboot. Unfortunately, as a result of Pryce's attack all the electrical systems in Indigo Plateau have broken down, leaving absolutely no power remaining.

Bill is anguished at his own inability to help, until Daisy points out that a massive power surge has been left behind in the Magnet Train's rail system; it is explained to the reader that when Lt. Surge used Raikou's electricity to turn the Magnet Train around, it left behind enormous amounts of power. Bill calls the director of Goldenrod Radio, informing him that he has now fixed the Transporter, and the call goes out to all Trainers from Johto and Kanto to send their Pokémon to the final battleground at Ilex Forest. The massive horde of Pokémon makes their way to Ilex Forest, where Red, Blue and Green continue to hold off Ho-Oh and Lugia, and latch onto the legendary birds with their Trainers' sentiments of ending the crisis. This is enough to break Pryce's control over them, allowing them to leave.

Will is horrified at the loss of Ho-Oh and Lugia and attempts to escape, but is caught by the unmasked Pryce. Pryce angrily berates Will for his failures before demanding the Trainers in the forest to reveal themselves; on cue, Silver emerges, followed by his seniors from Kanto, as well as Crystal and Yellow who made their way separately. Pika, Chuchu and Exbo also arrive, uniting in a team of six Trainers, all the Starter Pokémon and the Legendary Beasts. Silver declares a united attack onto Pryce, but Crystal notes that Gold has gone missing and desperately calls for him in her mind.

Major events

  • Bill and Daisy try to help and succeed.
  • Lugia and Ho-Oh are no longer in the control of the Masked Man.
  • The Pokédex holders now face the final battle against the Masked Man.


Pokémon debuts






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