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PS127 : Miltank Melee
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS129 : Great Girafarig
Indubitably Ditto
VS メタモン
VS Metamon
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 128 in Vol. 10
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 128 in Vol. 10
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Route 38
Route 39

Indubitably Ditto (Japanese: VS メタモン VS Metamon), titled VS Ditto in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 128th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 38th chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

On Route 38, Ken, Al, and Harry, of the Team Rocket Elite Trio, find Suicune and use their Pokémon to surround it.

Meanwhile on Route 39, Crystal and Eusine are attacked from behind by Ditto, as the Ditto had stretched part of its body underground while they were talking. Ditto stops Crystal from being able to reach her Poké Balls, and Eusine attempts to use his Electrode to electrocute Ditto. However, Crystal reminds him that electrocuting Ditto would also electrocute them. While she thinks of a plan, Crystal is pulled completely inside of Ditto. Ditto gloats, but is quickly knocked out by a punch. As it releases Crystal, it is revealed that Monlee was the one who threw the punch, and that Crystal was crouched beneath him. Crystal had been able to send out her Pokémon, and have Monlee make a human shape for her, in order to confuse Ditto.

Once Ditto is defeated, Crystal and Eusine decide to use the Pokédex tracking system to track down Suicune, and thus, the person who sent Ditto to distract them. Because of the speed in which Suicune and the people following it are moving, Crystal decides to have Parasee use Spore at a specific range in order to stop them from chasing Suicune. Meanwhile on Route 38, Ken, Al, and Harry are chasing Suicune, when they are suddenly hit by Spore and fall asleep.

Using Eusine's Electrode, Crystal and Eusine head towards Suicune's location. Once they are close to Suicune's location, Eusine hands Crystal a doll, and then leaves. Through the doll, he tells her that they should split up: one will go after Suicune, while the other will deal with Team Rocket. Crystal realizes that Suicune is heading towards Ecruteak City, and decides to follow it. Meanwhile, Eusine finds Ken, Al, and Harry as they wake up. Eusine realizes that the Octillery he sees is who had used Ice Beam earlier. He decides to wait until the effects of Spore wear off before he takes them all in a battle.

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PS127 : Miltank Melee
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS129 : Great Girafarig
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