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Miltank Melee/VS. Miltank
VS. Miltank
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 10
Round number 127
Location Route 38
Previous Round Jumping Jumpluff
Next Round Indubitably Ditto

Miltank Melee or VS. Miltank (Japanese: VSミルタンク VS. Miltank) is the 127th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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A Ditto is seen transforming into a four-legged creature. As it become more clear, slowly gains a bluish shade, with the exact appearance of Suicune. Crystal wonders who the young man she had met was. She notices a card falling from the sky and catches it in her hands. She realizes it's an autographed image of the man.

In the Moomoo Farm, a farmer couple are tensed that one of their Miltanks is sick. It had stopped producing milk for the past few days. The couple hear a noise and quickly check to see what has intruded, and Eusine greets them. Eusine checks the sick Miltank and says that he will help them restore its health with magic. Eusine puts his right hand into Miltank's mouth and pulls out a card. He states that the number three, which is printed on the card, signifies a traveller, while the club pattern means good hospitality, and says the card hints that Miltank will recover once the traveller, Eusine, gets treated well by the couple.

The farmer says that such tricks can't fool him, but Eusine pulls out a pocket watch and starts counting backwards from three. When he says, 'one', Miltank starts glowing, and the couple are surprised that it had turned healthy again. They discover that Miltank is starting to produce milk.The farmer thanks Eusine for helping out. Eusine is happily leaving the farm while sipping from one of the bottles of milk the farmer couple gave him. He says that he is a great trick-master and resumes looking for Suicune using his binoculars. He sees Crystal's angry face looking at him. He jumps back and drops all the Moomoo Milk he was carrying, Crystal calls him a cheat and says that he cannot trick her forever. It turns out that while Eusine was playing with the card in Miltank's mouth, he had fed it a special Berry that recovers a Pokémon from all types of sicknesses. Eusine admits about not being honest, but says that Crystal isn't doing a right thing by following him. Eusine says that he knows she is trying to get near Suicune by following him. Outraged, Crystal shows her Pokédex to Eusine telling that she is there just because the tracking system alerted her that Suicune is around.

Soon, Eusine and Crystal are attacked by an Ice Beam, and they discover that Suicune is nearby. Eusine sends out his Electrode, while Crystal sends out Archy. While riding on their respective Pokémon, Crystal realizes that the Pokémon they're chasing is not actually Suicune. Eusine refuses to believe this as this is his first time seeing Suicune up close. However, when Crystal tells it to reveal itself, it is shown to be a Ditto. Crystal shows that Suicune had moved in a different direction than the Ice Beam attack, the Pokémon did not move at all, and it was not majestic as Suicune is. It is revealed that the fake Suicune is a ploy created by Team Rocket to stop other people from going after Suicune. The real Suicune is shown to be on Route 38 with many Team Rocket members attempting to catch it.

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