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This is the first round drawn by [[Satoshi Yamamoto]].
*This is the first round drawn by [[Satoshi Yamamoto]].

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Querulous Qwilfish/VS. Qwilfish
VS. ハリーセン
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 10
Round number 122
Location Olivine City/Battle Tower
Previous Round Off Course with Corsola
Next Round Debonaire Dragonair

Querulous Qwilfish or VS. Qwilfish (Japanese: VS ハリーセン VS. Harysen) is the 122nd round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


The chapter begins with Crystal walking into Olivine City, with the news broadcast about the events of the Burned Tower playing. Once she enters Olivine, she sees the construction site of the Battle Tower and talks to one of the workers about when it will be finished. Then, suddenly, a waste collection pipe starts to break under pressure, and the tower itself starts to collapse. Crystal saves some of the workers, but the sewage flows into the sea, enraging some nearby Qwilfish. The Qwilfish take in a bunch of water and start using Pin Missile. Crystal thinks about cleaning up the mess to calm the Pokémon down but instead decides to capture them, sending out all her Pokémon. Her Pokémon fight the Qwilfish, and Crystal kicks Poké Balls to capture them in. The workers say that they will clean up the mess soon; however, a baby Qwilfish starts to die because of the toxic waste. As Crystal starts to take it to a Pokémon Center, Suicune suddenly appears in front of her and cures the baby Qwilfish, cleaning the sea in the process. Soon, Crystal gets a call from Professor Oak, telling her that he's counting on her to get some data on the three legendary beasts. Crystal responds, telling him what she just saw, and starts hunting down Suicune.

Major events


Pokémon debuts







  • Suicune is referred to as "he", when it is supposed to be genderless.
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