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* The print function is spelled as "perint".
* The print function is spelled as "perint".
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Off Course with Corsola/VS. Corsola
VS. サニーゴ
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 10
Round number 121
Location Union Cave/S.S. Aqua
Previous Round Surrounded by Staryu
Next Round Querulous Qwilfish

Off Course with Corsola or VS. Corsola (Japanese: VS サニーゴ VS. Sunnygo) is the 121st round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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This round begins with Crystal traveling to Union Cave to go to the west side of Johto. She is attacked by some Magneton, who drop her in a submarine. Lt. Surge approaches the submarine, and enters to travel to Azalea Town. He leaves through a secret passage, and gets stuck on a reef of Corsola. Crys comes to, and surprises Lt. Surge when he realizes she is on board. Briefing her on the situation, she figures that she has to capture the leader. Natee creates a current with Psychic, which lifts them. When they are out of the water, Natee defeats the leader with Psychic, which Crys captures with a Ball. As compensation, Lt. Surge gives her a ride to Olivine City on the S.S. Anne.

Major events


Pokémon debuts







Chuang Yi translation

  • The round title is misspelled as "VS Corasola".
  • Corsola is referred as "Corasola" throughout the round.
  • The print function is spelled as "perint".
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