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Surrounded by Staryu/VS Staryu
VS ヒトデマン
VS Hitodeman
Location Violet City

Surrounded by Staryu or VS Staryu (Japanese: VS ヒトデマン VS Hitodeman) is the 120th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

In the outskirts of Violet City, Bill approaches Crystal on his Farfetch'd and tells her to attach a cord to her Pokédex. Bill tells her that it is called the Pokémon Portable Transporter, but Crystal doesn't know what he is talking about and asks him to get down off of his Farfetch'd. Bill tells her that he can't since a group of Staryu have surrounded him. The Staryu then start to chase him and Bill says that the Staryu are also responsible for pushing him off his boat earlier. Bill tries to explain to Crystal about how the Pokémon Portable Transporter works, but his communication is suddenly cut off. Crystal then heads to a nearby amusement park.

When Crystal arrives at the amusement park, she finds Bill on top of a Ferris Wheel car, trapped in a cage made by the Staryu. Crystal has Bonee attack them, but realizes that is impossible to break them apart from the outside. Suddenly the Staryu bounce onto a running roller coaster. Crystal asks Bill how to use the Pokémon Portable Transporter. Bill explains that she can use to the system to transfer Pokémon to the person on the other side of the phone, and all she has to do is face the Pokédex toward the Poké Ball that she wants to transfer.

Crystal manages to transfer Natee inside the Staryu cage and has Natee use Drill Peck, breaking the enclosure. She quickly throws Fast Balls at the Staryu, and catches all of them. Afterwards, Bill says he will give the receiver to Professor Oak. Crystal then notices a wild Elekid and runs off to catch it.

Major events

  • Bill introduces Crystal to the Pokémon Portable Transporter.
  • Crystal saves Bill from a herd of Staryu, capturing them in the process.
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Pokémon debuts






  • In the English translations, the Fast Ball is called by its Japanese name, Speed Ball.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese translation, Poké Bola is not pluralized as Poké Bolas.

In other languages

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