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Sunkern Treasure/Sunshine Sunkern
VS ヒマナッツ
VS. Himanuts
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 8
Round number 99
Location Violet City
Previous Round Totodile Rock
Next Round Into the Unown

Sunkern Treasure or Sunshine Sunkern (Japanese: VS ヒマナッツ VS. Himanuts) is the 99th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The round opens with Bill discussing with the Pokémon Association about the Gym Leaders in the Kanto and Johto area, specifically Sabrina, Lt. Surge, Koga and Giovanni, who were suspected of involvement in Team Rocket's illegal activities, and how the Fuchsia Gym and the Viridian Gym have been empty since the absence of Koga and Giovanni. Bill is about to recommend how to prevent the same thing from happening when he is interrupted by one of the members of the Pokémon Association who says that to accuse without evidence wasn't right, and tells Bill to first repair the Pokémon Transporter before worrying about anything else.

On the other hand, Gold is leaving Sprout Tower and talking about how he didn't manage to catch Silver, before thinking about how he and Exbo did not work as well as Silver and his Totodile. Gold then asks Exbo if they should stop trying to get Totodile back as it was attached to Silver, but continue to try to nab him. This meant that Exbo had to go up against his buddy, so Gold decides to give Exbo some time before making a decision. He then lies down to get some rest.

Just then, a herd of Sunkern passes by, and Gold looks them up on his Pokédex, before complaining that his beauty sleep had gone. Suddenly, a Bird Pokémon flies over him, and Gold hears a Trainer in the distance. It turns out to be Falkner, whom Gold has forgotten who, and only remembers him after Falkner mentions how he had helped in the drawing of the thief at Professor Elm's place.

After speaking to Falkner for awhile, Gold finds out that Falkner was undergoing Pokémon training to take over the Violet Gym by passing the Gym Leader Initiation Test, and how it was his life's goal. Gold thinks about his goals too, which was to find Polibo and catch Silver. Suddenly, Falkner gives Gold a push, telling him to duck as a gust of wind blows past. The culprit is soon revealed to be a wild Skarmory who, according to Falkner, had been causing unrest in the area. The Sunkern in the area start jumping around, appearing to be trying to escape from the Skarmory.

Falkner then engages in battle with the Skarmory, saying they might need fire to weaken the metallic Pokémon. Gold then calls out Exbo, but worries that his billiard cue will not be able to launch Exbo high enough to hit the Skarmory. After seeing the Sunkern, he gets an idea and catches one of the wild Sunkern, before ordering it to jump into the air with Exbo on it to transport it into the sky. When Exbo is high enough, it uses Ember, allowing Falkner to capture it.

After the battle, Falkner thanks Gold, and Exbo decides to stay with Gold for the moment. Falkner then offers Gold to participate in some intensive training with him, but Gold declines, saying that he still had something he had to do first. After a few encouraging departing words, Gold and Falkner split up.

On the way to meet Falkner, Bill sees Gold with a Pokédex in his hands, but after reminding himself not to get distracted, walks on to meet Falkner to pass him the Gym Leaders Inauguration Examination Notification letter.

At Violet City, Professor Elm's assistant contacts Professor Elm, explaining that he had not managed to find Gold. Professor Elm replies that he had tried calling Gold on his PokéGear but to no avail and it would have been better if the Pokémon Transporter was working. Professor Elm's assistant asks if it would be okay to pass something so important to someone as reckless as Gold, to which Professor Elm replies that in order for it to hatch, it was best to place it around other Pokémon. The round ends with Professor Elm's assistant taking out what appears to be a Pokémon Egg.

Major events

  • Bill gives a speech about tightening the Gym Leader requirements.
  • Gold catches a Sunkern.
  • Falkner catches a Skarmory.







  • The VIZ Media title of this round is a play on "sunken treasure".


VIZ Media translation

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