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Number One Donphan/Who's the Leader, Donphan?
VS. Donfan
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 8
Round number 96
Location Violet City
Previous Round Stantler By Me
Next Round Bellsprout Rout

Number One Donphan or Who's the Leader, Donphan? (Japanese: VSドンファン VS. Donfan) is the 96th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


The round begins with Professor Elm in the New Bark Town General Hospital. He is sad that he is injured, but his assistant says the real problem is that someone broke into his lab. The assistant says that at least the Egg they had wasn't stolen. Suddenly, Gold calls them with his Pokégear and says that Silver may have stolen Totodile, but with his Cyndaquil he will catch Silver. Professor Elm and his assistant are shocked to realize that Cyndaquil has been taken too.

Meanwhile, Joey return Gold's Pokémon to Gold's mom, who says that Polibo is missing. Joey phones Gold and tells him this, so Gold sets out to find Polibo. Gold fails to find Polibo, so he decides to stay on Silver's trail. Meanwhile, Silver sees his wanted poster and does a double take.

In Violet City, a thief steals Earl Dervish's package and escapes on his Donphan. Gold is buying a rice cake, but when the thief passes by his rice cake is dirtied. Enraged, Gold chases after the thief. Earl asks Gold to recover his bag for him. Gold continues chasing the thief and says that all the thief needs to do is buy him a new rice cake. The thief orders Donphan to attack, so gold retaliates by having Aibo use confusion on it. Donphan crashes into a wall, defeated.

To thank Gold, Earl buys him a huge stack of rice cakes. Earl then tells Gold that Professor Elm's assistant is coming to Violet City. Meanwhile, Professor Oak and Professor Elm are having a conversation about Gold. Professor Oak says he is worried because Gold is even more hotheaded than Red. Back in Violet City, Gold says that he needs to get some results or Professor Elm's assistant will yell at him for taking Exbo. He asks the thief if he has seem Silver, but the thief hasn't. Luckily for Gold, a nearby girl has seen him. She tells Gold that Silver is at Sprout Tower.

Major events

  • Professor Elm finds out that Gold has taken Exbo.
  • Gold learns that Polibo is missing.
  • Gold stops a thief from stealing Earl Dervish's package.
  • Gold finds out that Silver is at Sprout Tower.






  • The VIZ Media title of this round comes from the phrase "#1 fan".