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PS094 : Buzzing Elekid
Gold, Silver & Crystal
PS096 : Who’s the Leader, Donphan?

Template:PokémonSpecialInfobox Fume! Stantler, Fume! (Japanese: VS オドシシ VS. Stantler) is the 95th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Special manga.


Gold reveals to Professor Oak that Silver was the one that stole his Pokédex and Professor Elm's Totodile. Gold asks Oak if he can have the Pokédex so he can be a better trainer. Prof. Oak declines many times because he has seen far worthier trainers. He also asks for DJ Mary's autograph. They continue arguing about whether Gold gets the Pokédex when Oak makes a comment about being strong. This is when Gold attacks Oak, which fails when Oak's Stantler uses Confuse Ray on his Aipom and ends the fight. Angrily, Gold says that he doesn't need the Pokédex, and then starts rigorously training his Pokémon. Sometime later, a storm arises and Oak notices Grant hanging onto a cliff. After Oak saves him, Grant then says that Gold jumped in the river to try and save his Rattata. Oak then saves Gold from falling over the waterfall by using his Ledyba. Oak scolds Gold for overtraining his Pokémon, which results in Gold begging him for the Pokédex again. Oak is impressed by his perseverance and asks him what Pokémon were to him. Gold replies that they are his partners. Impressed even further, Oak gives the Pokédex to Gold.

Major events

  • Gold is defeated by Oak.
  • Gold receives his Pokédex.