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Stantler By Me/Fume! Stantler, Fume!
VS. Odoshishi
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 8
Round number 95
Location New Bark Town
Previous Round Elekid Incorporated
Next Round Number One Donphan

Stantler By Me or Fume! Stantler, Fume! (Japanese: VSオドシシ VS. Odoshishi) is the 95th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Gold reveals to Professor Oak that Silver was the one that stole his Pokédex and Professor Elm's Totodile. Gold asks about the capabilities of the Pokédex, and then asks if he may have one of the remaining two. Despite Gold's begging, Oak refuses to give him the Pokédex, explaining that he only gives them to Trainers that he trusts, whereas he does not know Gold at all.

To toughen his Pokémon up, Gold starts them on a rigorous physical training regime, forcing them to run several laps a day. When it begins to rain during a training session, Joey's Rattata falls off a ledge and into a river, and Gold jumps in after it to rescue it. He rescues Rattata, but is unable to get out of the river himself until Professor Oak's Ledyba. Oak scolds Gold for overtraining his Pokémon, which results in Gold begging him for the Pokédex again. When Oak asks him how he feels about his Pokémon, Gold replies that they are not just friends or comrades to him, but partners united by the same goal. Impressed, Oak gives the Pokédex to Gold. When Gold mentions his search for his backpack, Oak reveals that he found it by the river earlier, with Gold's Pokégear and Poké Balls intact (except for Polibo). With renewed vigor, Gold continues on his search for Silver, whose name is revealed when Gold notices it stitched on to the inside of his glove which he picked up earlier.

Major events

  • Gold is defeated by Oak.
  • Gold receives his Pokédex.








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