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Bang the Drum, Slowbro
VS. Yadoran
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 7
Round number 83
Location Cerise Island
Previous Round Eradicate Raticate!
Next Round Clefabulous Clefable

Bang the Drum, Slowbro (Japanese: VSヤドラン VS. Yadoran) is the 83rd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


The story begins with Cinnabar Gym being attacked by Lance's dragons. Then the scenario changes to the place where Sabrina, tied to an unconscious Green battles Lorelei's Slowbro, with her Alakazam.

Sabrina orders it to use Psychic, but Slowbro appears to be unaffected. Lorelei then says that Slowbro used Amnesia to make itself immune to the attack. She reveals how she knew about their presence, using Shellder's eyes in Slowbro's tail and thus seeing the Horsea. Lorelei orders Jynx to use Lovely Kiss, paralyzing Sabrina's Alakazam and Venomoth, and pushing her into a fissure.

Due to Green's weight, Sabrina has trouble hanging on, and Lorelei suggests cutting off Green's hand, much to Sabrina's disapproval. Jynx uses Pound and sends them and the Pokémon into the hole, but Green wakes up at the last second and uses Blasty's Water Gun as a jetpack to escape the hole.

At Lorelei's request, Green explains, with an unconscious Sabrina, her reasons. Then a flashback begins, of her talking to a stranger about Lance trying to control a giant Bird-like Pokémon, earning her interest. Then, she sees Pika being chased by Hitmonlee, deciding to follow them, but in Viridian Forest, she loses the track of both. Then she meets Yellow and discovers her power.

Then, after discovering that Yellow knows Red, Green gives her the basic of Pokémon training, and thus, two rules:

  1. Do not tell anybody of how she met Green.
  2. Do not tell her name. (which Yellow broke)

Suddenly, Green has the idea of using Yellow's hat to prevent their enemies from discovering she is a girl, making Yellow pretend to be a boy.

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