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Striking Golduck
VS. Golduck
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 6
Round number 77
Location Cerise Island/Kanto's Cities
Previous Round Take a Chance on Chansey
Next Round Victim of Venusaur

Striking Golduck (Japanese: VSゴルダック VS. Golduck) is the 77th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In Cerise Island, Blue is walking with Koga. They find themselves lost in the maze created by the Cave. Koga finds the broken tail of his own Arbok that got cut by Agatha's Pokémon earlier. They immediately understand that they are circling round the caves, and try to figure a way to get out.

Koga starts to faint, and says it is not normal for him to lose so much strength simply from a Leech Life of Golbat. He thinks that something else is draining away his energy, and Blue tells him to take it easy. Blue hears a sound from behind and looks down and notices his own shadow lengthening; he releases his Golduck to get ready. Koga calls his Koffing, but Gengar shoots from Golduck's shadow without warning and knocks down both Golduck and Koffing.

In the Science Museum in Pewter, Brock orders Geodude to protect the tank of Kabuto, while heading out with other Geodude to attack the Machoke.

Major events







  • The English title of this round is based on the phrase "striking gold".


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