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Muk Raking
VS Betbeton
Location Cerise Island

Muk Raking (Japanese: VSベトベトン VS Betbeton) is the 71st round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Koga tells his Golbat to use Supersonic to find their enemy. With the enemy's location known, Koga draws the Arbok out of hiding and sends out his Arbok. The battle is now Arbok vs. Arbok. Agatha's Arbok starts with a Leer, lowering Koga's Arbok's defenses, but Koga's Golbat undoes Leer with a thick Haze. Agatha's Arbok lets loose with a Rock Slide that rains stalactites, which makes that part of the cave a stalactite maze, and separates Koga and Blue. Agatha's Gengar uses a quick Lick that paralyzes his eyes shut. So Blue tries having Golbat use Supersonic to find Agatha and Koga. But Supersonic fails when another Golbat destroys their sound wave with its own Supersonic. And this Golbat is quick to attack.

Agatha appears in front of Koga and wants to show him that her battle skills are better than his. First she uses mist to change the pattern on her Arbok's skin and explains that each pattern brings a rare trait. Its current pattern gives it a great speed boost. Agatha then changes the pattern to one that multiplies Arbok's attack power, and it wraps around Koga and his Arbok, making them helplessly immobilized.

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  • The title comes from Muckraker, groups of people during the 20th and 21st century who sought to expose corruption in the US government.


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