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Jigglypuff Jive
VS. Purin
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 6
Round number 68
Location Cerise Island
Previous Round Can You Diglett?
Next Round Playing Horsea

Jigglypuff Jive (Japanese: VSプリン VS. Purin) is the 68th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Red tries to lure Lorelei and Agatha out so that they might become distracted and let it slip how they are controlling Bruno by having Aero hold onto Red and Fly up. Lorelei's Jynx uses its long hair to wrap around Red, restraining him from the outside. Red tells Lorelei that he does not know where Giovanni is, the same going for Giovanni's Earth Badge. Lorelei says that "your eyes tell me that you are not lying". Jynx then puts Red down and Lorelei tells Red that they had another reason for bringing him there: they want him to join them. Red refuses, and sends out Gyara, Saur, and Snor. Agatha sends out Gastly and Bruno (still controlled) sends out Hitmonlee. With the power of the Badge Energy Amplifier, they (Lorelei's Jynx included) do a combination attack of Ice, Fighting, and Ghost powers, which knock out Gyara, Saur, and Snor. Lorelei's Jynx creates an ice doll that is a model of Red. Lorelei puts lipstick '×'s on the ice doll, and on those same places* on Red, ice handcuffs appear, immobilizing Red's feet and hands. Lorelei also puts lipstick '×'s on an ice doll of Pika. Agatha's Gastly cloaks the mountain they are on* in a mist of illusion. Their work done, Lorelei and Agatha teleport away. To defend himself from Bruno, Red sends out Pika, whose paws are immediately ice-handcuffed. Red puts his foot on a weak rock, which crumbles under him. Red manages to hold onto a rock sticking out, and tells Pika to run away, find someplace warm, and return to Pallet Town. Pika starts to run, with Hitmonlee chasing it. Red, happy that one of his Pokémon can be safe, drops to the ground. He says that Pika can't tell anyone what happened, and says, "If only there were a Trainer who could read your thoughts...," and freezes. Red thought there wasn't a Trainer who could read Pika's thoughts, but there is one person... Yellow. Pika wakes up on Cerise Island, with Yellow wondering what Pika was trying to tell him.

Major events

  • Pika continues its dream of the events on how Red got frozen.
    • Lorelei and Agatha try to recruit Red with them.
    • Red refuses and is turned into ice.
    • Pika escapes from the Elite Four.








Jynx's missing speech balloon.
  • On page 45 of the VIZ Media second edition, when Bruno, Agatha, and Lorelei are calling out their Pokémon, the balloon where Jynx's name should be is blank.

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