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Can You Diglett?
VS. Digda
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 6
Round number 67
Location Cerise Island
Previous Round Punching Poliwrath
Next Round Jigglypuff Jive

Can You Diglett? (Japanese: VSディグダ VS. Digda) is the 67th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Gyara and Onix are both putting up a good fight. Gyara is using powerful Water-type attacks, but Bruno's Onix is dodging them all by twisting its snake-like body! Then Onix binds Gyara, immobilizing it. Gyara's head can still move, and it bites down into Onix. Then Onix Digs underground, avoiding all attacks. Red recalls Gyara and sends out Saur, who uses its vines to cover the ground, ready to defend against Onix. The moment Onix comes up, Saur uses all its vines to push Onix back. Suddenly, Onix's tail comes up from behind Red and smashes into him and Saur, sending them underground. Underground, there are several holes that Onix could come through, so Red is in a difficult dilemma. When Onix appears, it starts to charge at Saur. Saur braces itself, and is not hit. Bruno calls a time-out for some Diglett that Bruno would have been killed if he hadn't stopped his Onix. The Diglett get out of the way, and Bruno falls to the ground and bows, as if controlled by someone.

Lorelei and Agatha appear. Lorelei talks about the circle of life and the Elite Four's ambition. Agatha lets Red see that she has the Badge Energy Amplifier, and Red wonders what it is doing there. Lorelei tells Red that they really called him there because he had faced Giovanni and they wanted Giovanni's Earth Badge. She asks Red where the Earth Badge is. Red thinks of a way to get out from underground, and while thinking hard, he realises that Bruno is being controlled by Lorelei and Agatha.

Major events







  • The English title of this round is based on the phrase "Can you dig it?".


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