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==Major events==
==Major events==
* [[Lance]] destroys {{ci|Vermilion}}.
* [[Lance]] destroys {{ci|Vermilion}}.
* {{Special|Yellow}} borrows the [[Swimmer]]'s {{p|Slowpoke}}.
* {{Adv|Yellow}} borrows the [[Swimmer]]'s {{p|Slowpoke}}.
* The battle between [[Blasty]] and {{p|Hitmonlee}} continues.
* The battle between [[Blasty]] and {{p|Hitmonlee}} continues.
* [[Lance]] tells {{Special|Yellow}} part of the plan to get rid of humans.
* [[Lance]] tells {{Adv|Yellow}} part of the plan to get rid of humans.

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Breath of Dragonair Part 2
VS. Hakuryu II
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 5
Round number 61
Location Vermilion Harbor
Previous Round Breath of Dragonair Part 1
Next Round Breath of Dragonair Part 3

Breath of Dragonair Part 2 (Japanese: VSハクリューII VS. Hakuryu 2) is the 61st round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


The story opens with the contestants of the surfing contest being pulled into the sea by a raging Dragonair, under the control of Lance. Dragonair then uses Hyper Beam to destroy half of Vermilion. Lance then shouts to someone to come out, but its not answered, so moves on. Yellow then plans chase Lance with Doduo, returning Slowpoke.

The story then cuts to the battle between Blasty and Hitmonlee. The command-bubble almost reaches Blasty, but is popped by Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee then uses its stretching body to wrap up Blasty. Blasty then uses Bubble to hide the next command-bubble. The command reaches Blasty, telling it to use OX□♥○, a made-up move, where Blasty punches the foe with its cannons. Hitmonlee is knocked out and Green realizes that this was a decoy.

The story cuts back to Yellow. Pika's tail gets String Shot and Pika is thrown to Dragonair with the help of Dody's powerful legs, whilst the other end of the string was attached to float that Yellow was sitting on. Pika makes it but is caught by Lance, who throws him back to Yellow. Lance then tells Yellow about his vendetta against almost all Pokémon trainers.

Major events








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