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Breath of the Dragonair Part 1
VS. Hakuryu I
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 5
Round number 60
Location Vermilion Harbor
Previous Round Hitmonlee, Baby! (One More Time)
Next Round Breath of the Dragonair Part 2

Breath of the Dragonair Part 1 (Japanese: VSハクリューI VS. Hakuryu 1) is the 60th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


The story opens with Yellow fishing with Pika, Ratty, Kitty, Dody, Gravvy and Omny. Yellow contemplates how she will cross the sea without a Pokémon that can use Surf. Finding that the only Pokémon around her were Tentacool, she planns to move to another shore, hoping to find a stronger Water-type Pokémon. She then trains with Pika, as she find it difficult to sleep. Suddenly, after using Substitute, she hears a cry for help. Soon finding the source, a Swimmer falling to shore from a large wave, Yellow and Kitty help him, but he is unable to compete in the Surfing Contest that he and his Slowpoke were training for during the accident. Yellow agrees to take part in the contest for him, as the prize is a previously trained Dragonair, which would be perfect for crossing the sea. The Swimmer lends Slowpoke to Yellow for the contest.

The story then cuts to Blasty, Green and Bill still pursuing Bruno's Hitmonlee. The Hitmonlee then uses its spring-like body to bounce Blasty off itself. Green and Bill are then separated from Blasty and Hitmonlee. Green then uses a distant-commanding device that traps a command inside a bubble.

It then cuts back to Vermilion City, where the Surfing contest has begun. The Dragonair then lashes out, using Whirlpool. Lance then appears on Dragonair. The story ends with the Whirlpool strengthening and the contestants begin to be pulled down into the sea.

Major events








  • In one frame, the two orbs on Dragonair's tail are missing.

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