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Can't Catch Caterpie!
VS. Caterpie
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 5
Round number 53
Previous Round Growing Out of Gengar
Next Round Pidgeotto Pick-Me-Up

Can't Catch Caterpie! (Japanese: VSキャタピー VS. Caterpie) is the 53rd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga and the thirteenth in the Yellow chapter.


The chapter begins with Yellow waking up with Pika. She then has a flashback to the events of last night, and begins to question where Blue is now. Looking around, she spots Blue about to be hit by a boulder, and she starts to scream for Blue to move out of the way, but Blue just calls on his Scyther and he slices the boulder into pieces. Blue then calls on his Charizard and tells him to send more rocks down. Yellow is surprised that he is doing this for training. Yellow starts to watch Blue train more, but the sees the Caterpie from Celadon City. Blue then tells Yellow to capture the Caterpie, and then train it to a higher level. Yellow calls Ratty out, and Blue thinks that the Pokémon could prove useful if manages to evolve to its final form.

Later that night, Blue thinks that Yellow should at least have a Metapod, but when he checks on Yellow, she still hasn't captured the Caterpie. Yellow admits that she has difficulty in capturing Pokémon as she can't bear to hurt them, and she's been trying to find a method to capture Pokémon without battling them. Blue is forced to instruct her, and eventually Yellow succeeds in capturing the Caterpie. At that instant, Ratty begins to evolve into Raticate, but to Blue's shock Yellow has no idea what evolution is, and is horrified when Yellow begins to bawl over Ratty's change in appearance.

The next day, Yellow apologizes to Blue, saying that she has gotten over Ratty's evolution. Blue points out that Yellow can cancel out evolution with the Pokédex, and admonishes for her general lack of ability, asking her if she's really serious about her quest to locate Red.

Further away on Cerise Island, Agatha shows Lance the Gym Badge amplifier she had found, revealing an eighth hidden section in the center where the Earth Badge could be placed. She declares that she is on the verge of locating it as Lance departs.

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