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Sea Sea Seadra
VS シードラ
VS Seadra
Location Viridian Forest

Sea Sea Seadra (Japanese: VS シードラ VS Seadra) is the 43rd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In Viridian Forest, the boy who received Pika from Professor Oak sits by a river to fish. Letting Pika go off on its own, the boy fishes up a Seaking, but without a battle to weaken it the Goldfish Pokémon easily escapes capture.

Elsewhere, Bill compiles his data on the forest's ecology, noting by the appearance of a Weezing and Sandslash that the ecology still feels the effects of Team Rocket's exploitation from two years ago. Noticing a fleeting figure from behind, Bill chases after it, but ends up falling in the river. The figure, none other than Pika, quickly returns to the boy, who simply places a hand near Pika's forehead, seemingly reading its mind before nodding and picking up his fishing rod.

As Bill struggles with the weight of his bag, Pika and the boy barely arrive in time for the boy to use a rope to catch Bill, saving him from drowning. While Bill is reeled in, however, a wild Seadra appears and begins to attack. The boy has Pika walk along the rope to attack Seadra with Thunder Shock, but in retaliation Seadra causes powerful currents to form in the river, threatening to break the rope holding Bill and Pika to the shore. To Bill's surprise, the boy uses his fishing rod to go against the current, striking Seadra with the Poké Ball at the end of the line and capturing it.

In disbelief, Bill thanks the boy, who, while yawning, mentions that Pika was the one who saved him. Bill is amazed to see the same Pika he once came across as Red's Pokémon, and asks the boy for information, to which the boy indicates that he has to heal Seadra first. The researcher watches on, confused, as his new acquaintance holds Seadra's Poké Ball in his hands.

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  • After two years, the ecology of Viridian Forest has still not returned to normal.


  • Yellow incorrectly says that Pika is weak against the Water-type, but it actually has a type advantage against.

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