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Drat That Dratini!
VS. Miniryu
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 3
Round number 36
Location Viridian Forest/Viridian City
Previous Round And Mewtwo... Three!
Next Round Golly, Golem!

Drat That Dratini! (Japanese: VSミニリュウ VS. Miniryu) is the thirty-sixth round of the Red, Green & Blue chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In Viridian Forest, a young girl finds herself lost when a Dratini attacks out of nowhere, but in the nick of time Red intervenes by having Saur faint the Dragon Pokémon with a single Vine Whip. Realizing the girl has no Pokémon of her own, Red lends her his Pika to use on a passing wild Rattata, giving her some tips in catching Pokémon while allowing Pika some time in its home environment. With Red's guidance Rattata is captured as the girl's Pokémon, but as Red mulls over the peculiar presence of Dratini hordes of Golem and Weezing appear on all sides, forcing him to escape with the others on his Aerodactyl.

Back in Viridian City, the girl's friends admonish her for wandering into the forest. Red introduces himself and declares his search for strong Trainers to battle, but is informed that the city has no Trainers strong enough to match him - save for the Gym Leader, who was supposedly invincible but disappeared, resulting in the closure of Viridian Gym. Deciding to go to the Gym anyway, Red releases Gyara to cross the river to the Gym, scaring the others with his Gyarados' appearance. Just before he parts ways, Red offers the girl some advice: while Pokémon can be scary at times, if a person treats them with a kind and gentle heart, they'll always be friends in the end.

Outside the Gym, Red has Saur perform reconnaissance with Vine Whip, only to find nothing. Musing at how he and Professor Oak originally found Saur in the same place, Red follows his Pokémon into the Gym, spotting a damaged statue of the Gym Leader. As Red tries to jog his memory of the somewhat familiar face, a bright light shines as the Gym Leader himself reveals his presence, declaring to know Red's name, and that he had waited a long time for Red to show up...

Major events


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  • Dratini attacking Yellow foreshadows the battle between Yellow and Lance at the end of the Yellow Chapter.


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