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A Little Kadabra'll Do It
VS. Yungerer
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 3
Round number 32
Location Silph Co.
Previous Round The Art of Articuno
Next Round The Winged Legends

A Little Kadabra'll Do It (Japanese: VSユンゲラー VS. Yungerer) is the thirty-second round of the Red, Green & Blue chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Deep within the SmokeScreen from Green's Horsea, Sabrina proves herself a powerful wielder of Psychic powers as she surprises the girl by having her Kadabra deliver a successful attack. With Kadabra's Psychic Sabrina clears up the smoke cloaking her illusion, and with an order of Disable prevents Green from moving. However, as Sabrina prepares to deal the finishing blow Green mocks her for ignoring her looks; as if to prove Green's superiority in appearances the girl's bust appears to jiggle. Angered, Sabrina has Kadabra use its spoon to slash across Green's chest, but as her dress tears Green reveals the two Poké Balls she had secretly hidden on her chest. Releasing Clefairy and Jiggly, Green has her Pokémon attack Sabrina with Growl and Sing, disrupting Sabrina's psychic focus with the sound-based attacks. As the illusion vanishes, Green decides that she can't fight the Gym Leader and her powers, and leaves the room with Sabrina's Marsh Badge.

Continuing to scale the building, Red finds his way into a room with a strange device that has the indentations of seven Gym Badges; he overhears two guards outside who call the device the "Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier". Suddenly, Sabrina makes her appearance, ordering the guards away. Recognizing her from the attack on Pallet Town, Red releases Pika to do battle, but this Sabrina turns out to be Green in disguise, with the help of her Ditty. Meanwhile, Blue succeeds in locating Professor Oak with Koga's Golbat. and unties him. As the two leave, the Professor indicates that the townspeople were held in a battling facility further below, while he was called on by Team Rocket to replace an escaped scientist, who had abandoned a horrific experiment he was working on...

Green reveals to Red her possession of the Marsh Badge. With the other Badges on him, Red asks Green for the Badge, but Green offers him a trade as the only option: the Marsh Badge for the Moon Stone Green knows Red has. Unable to convince Green with another compromise, Red makes the swap; Red content on having the Badge, while Green elated at achieving another step of her ulterior motive. As an apparent act of goodwill Green informs Red that the Amplifier is supposed to greatly increase the power of a Pokémon when activated by the seven Gym Badges, but secretly notes that the Amplifier is the key to creating a new Pokémon: her objective from the very beginning.

The pair is interrupted by the appearance of the real Sabrina, and as Red places all his badges into the Amplifier, he is stunned when nothing happens to Pika. As Green snatches the Amplifier from Red, she admits that the Badges she'd returned him were nothing more than fakes, before leaving an incensed Red to deal with Sabrina. Mocking their infighting Sabrina releases Moltres, and has Kadabra call on Articuno and Zapdos, surrounding Red with the three legendary birds.

Some distance away, Green gleefully replaces the fake Badges with Red's real ones, but is dismayed when the pulse of energy released from the machine flies off. As the energy pulse flies back into the room where Red and Sabrina stand, Red sweats in worry and confusion while Sabrina cracks a sinister, knowing smile...

Major events


Pokémon debuts




Translation edits

Top: Original Japanese panel
Bottom: English edited panel

In the VIZ Media second edition, the scene where Green hides Poké Balls in her top is edited out, though one of the later panels on the same page remains unedited, showing part of her dress in shreds. The dialog is changed to make the edited version make sense.


  • This round shares its Japanese title (VS. Yungerer) with Round 27.
  • The English title of this round comes from the saying "a little dab'll do ya," meaning "less is more."


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