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Go for the Golbat
VS ゴルバット
VS Golbat
Location Silph Co.

Go for the Golbat (Japanese: VS ゴルバット VS Golbat) is the 29th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Inside Silph Co., Red barely catches up to Blue, but before they can do anything else a trapdoor opens underneath Red. Blue attempts to catch Red, but is stopped by a shuriken from Koga. In retaliation Blue releases his Scyther to strike Koga with Slash, but Koga's ninja armor, revealed to be a Grimer, quickly envelops the both of them, preventing further action from Blue.

On the first floor, Red finds himself trapped in a room surrounded by a very familiar electric field. Red then realizes the identity of his adversary is Lt. Surge, who suddenly appears, heavily armed by his Electric Pokémon. Red demands to know why a Gym Leader would align themselves with Team Rocket. Lt. Surges sneers at Red that his membership in Team Rocket allowed him power that he never could have received as a Gym Leader, and to prove his point he points out his Electrode launcher and Magneton shoulder pads are fruits of Team's Rocket's technology. While Lt. Surge talks, Red sends in Pika to electrify Lt. Surge, but the attack proves futile against Lt. Surge's insulated underclothes. As he continues to attack Red relentlessly, Lt. Surge reveals the Legendary Pokémon Zapdos to be the eternal source of his electric onslaught.

Back on the second floor, using the Golbat on his arm Koga displays the visual of Red suffering at the hands of Lt. Surge. Blue is concerned about Red, but is completely unable to do anything. Koga then has Grimer loosen its grip on Blue slightly, and Koga offers Blue a deal: he can either, as Professor Oak's grandson, convince the kidnapped researcher to cooperate with Team Rocket, or die. A resolute nod from Scyther confirms Blue's refusal to comply. Scyther manages to get free from Grimer's grasp, but is promptly subdued by Koga's Ekans. Koga then has Golbat deliver a Razor Wind at Blue's chest, seemingly delivering a fatal blow as Blue collapses.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts





  • The English title for the round comes from the saying "Go for the gold!".


  • In both VIZ Media versions and the Chuang Yi version, on page 23 Blue erroneously refers to Lavender Town as "Lavender City".
  • In both VIZ Media versions and the Chuang Yi version, on page 27 multiple Electrode are referred to as "Electrodes".
  • In the VIZ Media second edition, on page 27 Red says "Pikachu... read?!" instead of "ready".

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