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PS022 : A Hollow Victreebel
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS024 : What a Dragonite
Make Way For Magmar!
VS ブーバー
VS Boober
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 23 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 23 in Mission: Magmar
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 23 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

Make Way For Magmar! (Japanese: VS ブーバー VS Boober) is the 23rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

In Viridian City, two people are discussing that the Viridian Gym is still closed, one remarking that Giovanni has been gone for a long time. Asking who Giovanni is, he gestures to a carved bust inside the closed gym, pointing out that he's the Gym Leader.

Meanwhile, Red and Giovanni exit from Diglett's Cave's Pewter City exit. Giovanni apologizes for holding up Red's journey, but Red excuses him, saying that it doesn't get better than going on a search for Pokémon Fossils. Giovanni holds up a handful of small rocks that they excavated the day prior, hoping there's something worthwhile inside, as they start heading to the Pewter Museum of Science to have them examined. Heading down a dirt path, Red can't shake the feeling he's seen Giovanni before. He asks if he's sure that Giovanni doesn't remember him, but it appears like Red has gone down this line of questioning before, Giovanni putting on a kindly, but exhausted smile and reconfirms that he's sure they've never met.

Red thinks that maybe he just can't treat a Pokémon fan as a stranger, but Giovanni talks himself down, saying that he's really just a researcher and could only wish to rise to being a Pokémon Trainer as good as Red. He accepts the compliment, proud to say that even Gym Leaders fear his talents. Giovanni gives a less than enthusiastic response, Red thinking he doesn't believe him. He reflects back on the battles he's had, especially those against members of Team Rocket.

Giovanni changes the topic to the weather as they both suddenly notice the sweltering heat, Giovanni thinking to himself that it must be at least two wild Magmar. Red notices that the Pewter Museum of Science has gone up in flames, the two Magmar both in view. Red promptly jumps into battle, determined to show off his skills, while Giovanni decides to watch his strategy.

Red sends out Snor as protection against Magmar's flames, allowing them more time to think of a better way to put out the fire. Giovanni appreciates the ingenuity, but considers it a little cruel. Red, realizing that Poli is very low on health and not fit to participate, has to think of another plan. Giovanni seems content to learn that Red is truly just a naive child, noting to himself that he won't be any kind of threat. To his confusion, Red sends out a low level Sandshrew that he only recently caught. Red pushes Giovanni out of the way and commands Sandshrew to use Sand-Attack, simultaneously smothering the flames as well as striking the two Magmar. As Red continues to cheer on his Pokémon, Giovanni is left impressed by his tactics, wondering if that is what let him achieve such unlikely victories.

Red must think of another tactic as the sand seems only to be irritating the Magmar. After some deliberation, he sends Sandshrew running in circles around them, creating a sandstorm instead. The attack successfully knocks down both of the Magmar, leaving them completely immobilized. While Red praises his Pokémon, Giovanni decides to take care of Red now, having proved himself a formidable potential opponent. Just as Giovanni readies a Poké Ball, Red calls back his Sandshrew, refusing to deliver the final blow to an opponent that can't fight back. In response, Giovanni laughs quietly to himself and puts the Poké Ball away.

The Museum of Science has been burned to ruins, unable to examine the rocks the two of them had collected together. Giovanni gives Red one of the rocks they found as a parting gift, presuming they won't see each other again. Red holds it up to the light and admires it, noting that it's shiny and translucent with something trapped inside. The two shake hands and say their goodbyes, wishing each other luck.

As Red runs off, Giovanni chastises him for being too soft. Magmar, he notes, have great intelligence and fighting strength, willing to track down whoever takes them down. The two Magmar from before have finally shaken off the sand weighing them down, and they both leap towards Giovanni in an attack. They are suddenly frozen solid all at once by Giovanni's Cloyster, and orders a finishing blow, splitting them in half. He begins to walk off, laughing to himself, predicting that Red's foolishness will be his own downfall. He wanted to investigate him after hearing he defeated Lt. Surge and Koga, and laughs as he reveals an "R" on his shirt, amused at the idea a boy like Red could ever be a threat to Team Rocket.

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  • This is the first chapter in Pokémon Adventures to include a successful murder of either human or Pokémon.


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PS022 : A Hollow Victreebel
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS024 : What a Dragonite
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