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VS ラフレシア
VS Ruffresia

Meanwhile...Vileplume! (Japanese: VS ラフレシア VS Ruffresia) is the 20th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Red bursts into the Celadon Gym with Bill on his heels. He shouts for Erika to come out, but gets no response. They try to heal Eevee by placing it in a nearby machine. As Bill is looking around, he spots a report titled 'Eevee Reconstruction' while Red wonders aloud about the identity of the people who hurt Eevee. Bill begins reading the book, which explains Eevee as a rare Pokémon capable of evolving into three advanced forms. As he reads about Eevee's reconstruction, Erika appears to finish Bill's quotation: if Eevee could be reconstructed with the ability to switch between its evolved forms, it would serve as a powerful weapon.

Erika congratulates Red on catching an Eevee, and declares him worthy of facing her. Red fumes and accuses Erika of reconstructing Eevee, and tasking him with its capture when it escaped. As Red tells Erika that he doesn't need her stinking Badge, Erika calmly reveals her three Pokémon: Tangela, Bellsprout, and Vileplume. In response, Red sends out Poli, Saur, and Pika, and the Gym Leader chuckles at the even match.

Erika sends out Tangela first, to which Red responds with Saur. He commands Saur to use Vine Whip and reel Tangela in, but Tangela tosses Saur away with little effort and defeats it. Red switches Saur out for Poli, while Erika sends Bellsprout out. Red confidently thinks that Bellsprout can't handle his Poliwrath, and commands Poli to use Double Slap. However, Bellsprout surprises him by catching Poli's final blow, and delivering a Double Slap back by means of Mimic, fainting Poli.

Red then sends out Pika as Erika sends out Vileplume. Pika dodges Vileplume's Petal Dance attack, but Vileplume switches to Swords Dance and sends its petals flying straight for Pika, wrapping it up firmly and reducing its health to dangerously low levels. As Red grimaces over Pika, Erika taunts him for his subdued arrogance, then smiles and says that Red can challenge her again without conditions since he has already captured the Eevee. With a startled look Red remembers Eevee, and as he looks at the restoration machine Erika remarks that Eevee is near its end; and the least she can do is put it out of its misery. Aghast at Erika's apparent attitude about experimenting on Pokémon, Red hollers his determination to not let her get away with it, and calls for Pika to get back up. Through the petals binding its body Pika releases an energy clone from Substitute, which Vileplume easily defeats. Erika mocks Red for his futile strategy, but Red grins and points out that while Erika and Vileplume were distracted, Pikachu had already reached the machine holding Eevee, and Pika indicates its determination to keep Erika away from Eevee.

Much to Red and Bill's surprise, Erika walks over to Pika and compliments it for using the last of its health to defend another Pokémon, rather than fight. With Pika in her arms, Erika sets the machine to fully restore Eevee, revealing to Red that she had heard from Brock and Misty and was only testing him. Months ago they had obtained the Eevee Reconstruction report, along with news that a certain organization had been experimenting on Eevee, revealed to be Team Rocket. Clipping the Rainbow Badge to his vest, Erika requests Red for his help, to which he accepts.

A few days later, Red leaves with Eevee alongside him—a point that has Bill concerned, given that Team Rocket would be after Eevee and had attacked Celadon Gym, but Red ignores his worries. Unbeknownst to them, a sinister woman sitting on her Kadabra watches them from above, and as she notes that Eevee has now been passed on to Red, she vanishes.

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