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Tauros the Tyrant
VS ケンタロス
VS Kentauros
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 2
Round number 16
Location Rocket Game Corner
Celadon City
Rocket Hideout
Route 16
Previous Round Wartortle Wars
Next Round The Jynx Jinx

Tauros the Tyrant (Japanese: VS ケンタロス VS Kentauros) is the 16th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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At the Rocket Game Corner, a Team Rocket Grunt informs Ken that they are close to finding Green. Meanwhile in Celadon City, Red attacks a Team Rocket Grunt and steals their uniform. Red then enters the Rocket Game Corner, where he and the other Team Rocket Grunts are quickly ordered to enter a secret underground laboratory. Once in the laboratory they are shown a half-formed Mewtwo, which is a new Pokémon formed from cells that the Grunts had obtained from Mew. However to complete the incomplete Mewtwo, they need more cells to be taken from Mew or they need to recover the disc that contains all their information on Mew, which was stolen by Green.

With this information, Red begins to look differently at Green, as he realizes that she too is working against Team Rocket, but his thoughts are interrupted as he and the other grunts are mobilized towards a sighting of Green. Making his way to her location, he finds her surrounded by grunts. She reacts by coolly tossing the disc into her Wartortle's mouth, and warning Team Rocket that if they attack, the disc will be damaged.

Team Rocket attack with Machoke and Hitmonlee, but in their attempts to protect the disc while also taking down Wartortle, the two Pokémon simply end up injuring each other, much to Green's delight. As she gloats, Red is furious when he notices that she is wearing his stolen Badges as earrings.

The highest-ranking member of Team Rocket present loses his patience and calls out his Tauros, a Pokémon that he warns Green was the leader of his herd, King of the Safari Zone, and with the power to control other Pokémon by whipping his three tails. The Tauros commands all of Team Rocket's Pokémon at once, quickly neutralizing Wartortle and recovering the disc. With the tide of battle turning against her, and finding herself backed up against a cliff edge, Green switches Wartortle for her Ditto, much to the amusement of the Grunts present. As the Tauros charges her down, Red can't stand by and watch and throws her to the ground, protecting her as the Tauros passes by overhead and tumbles down the cliff with Ditto.

Recognizing Red, Green seems pleased to see him and calls him her "hero", but Red is confused as to why she isn't more concerned about Ditto. Behind them, Tauros has made its way back up the cliff, but much to the Rocket Grunts' shock Tauros turns all the Pokémon present against them. In the confusion, Green grabs Red make a run for it, revealing Red's identity as an infiltrator in the process. Using her Jigglypuff, Green escapes with Red and the "Tauros" reveals itself to be Green's Ditty, who had been utilizing its power to transform into other Pokémon, before it is returned by Green to its Poké Ball.

Watching Red and Green make their escape, the Grunts curse their bad luck but note, at least, they completed their mission of retrieving the disc holding information on Mew.

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