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Sigh for Psyduck
VS. Koduck
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 1
Round number 13
Location Lavender Town
Previous Round Wake Up--You’re Snorlax
Next Round That Awful Arbok!

Sigh for Psyduck (Japanese: VSコダック VS. Koduck) is the thirteenth round in the Red, Green & Blue chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Red arrives in Lavender Town in the middle of a rain-storm and is looking for somewhere dry to stay. He tries to ask people for help, but they completely ignore him. While wandering around, he comes across an old man, Mr. Fuji, at a tombstone. Red asks what he is doing: he is paying his respects to his deceased Doduo. Red also pays his respects. Mr. Fuji appreciates Red's kindness and asks him to go to his house.

At Mr. Fuji's house, he explains the origin of the Pokémon Tower, a cemetery built to respect the souls of Pokémon. Red wonders why Mr. Fuji's Doduo was not buried in the Tower; Mr. Fuji tells him that there are ghosts in the Tower. Red refuses to believe that there are ghosts, but Mr. Fuji states that the ghosts have made the townsfolk frightful and untrustworthy. While Mr. Fuji explains, Red is looking through old pictures of Mr. Fuji and his Doduo and stumbles upon one that has Blue in it. Mr. Fuji informs Red that Blue went into the Tower about two weeks ago and never returned. Apparently, no one that enters the Tower returns. Intrigued by the mystery, Red runs into the building.

While wondering why there is an odd fog inside the building, Red encounters a Psyduck and is confused to see a water type pokemon in such an earie place. But when the Psyduck's eyeballs suddenly sink into the back of its eye sockets along with some of its skins and revealing some bones as it crept closer to him, Red realizes that the Psyduck is actually a mindless undead. At the same time, many other undead pokemons show up and surround him in the fog.

Red quickly sends out his Bulbasaur who whips the undead Psyduck into pieces using its Vine Whip attack. As the other undead pokemons close in on the duo, Red and his Bulbasaur dashes out for the exit in a panic. However, just before he is about to leave the tower, Red realizes that the undead pokemons can only stay in the fog. In the distance, he sees fire. The fire is coming from the tail of Blue's Charmeleon! He tries to run over to them, but Charmeleon keeps firing flames at him. When he gets a closer look, he sees that there is something different about Blue: he is being controlled by the fog...

Major events


Pokémon debuts







  • Mr. Fuji reveals that he once had a Doduo, but it passed away due to old age.
  • A picture that Mr. Fuji has of his Doduo is of it hatching from an egg, even though the concept of Pokémon eggs had yet to be created. This could be because it was a bird-like Pokémon, however.


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