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Buzz Off, Electabuzz! (Japanese: VSエレブー VS. Eleboo) is the eleventh round of the Pokémon Special manga and also the eleventh one in the Red, Green & Blue chapter.


Aboard the S.S. Anne, Red discovers the real intentions of Lt. Surge and his sailors, to make money from the Vermilion citizens's stolen Pokémon. Ready to punish Red's interference, Lt. Surge shows his most important guard, an evil chained Electabuzz. With only his paralyzed Nyoro to help him out, Red dodges the powerful ThunderPunch, breaking the ship's floor with the hit. The water on the floor is the chance to use Poliwhirl's Ice powers to froze the legs of his enemies, so whith the smoke of a launched Pokéball, Red escapes safely.

Trying to find the exit, Red is spotted by the Lightning American in one of the security cams. When Red arrives to the deck of the ship, the unconscious Nyoro is suddenly grabbed by Surge, and preventing Red's actions with an electric wall made by his Magneton, he throws Poliwhirl off the ship. But the angry Red can't do anything when is tortured by the electric attacks of all the Pokémon including Electabuzz, and he's throwed to the ocean as well. Remembering how his little Poliwag evolved to save him when he was drowning, the history repeats and a muscular Poliwrath emerges from the water with Red in its arms. In a short battle the powerful evolution sends Electabuzz and Lt. Surge into the air with a Seismic Toss.

Now all the kidnapped Pokémon are returned to their trainers and the sailors are arrested, although the officers couldn't find Surge. The president of the Pokémon Fan Club desperate asks Red if he found his cute Abra, the boy says that he found it, but it was no longer Abra, it was now a big Alakazam; the president lies in the floor with an attack.

Major events

  • Red's Poliwhirl evolves into Poliwrath.
  • Red defeats Lt. Surge.
  • All the Pokémon stolen by Lt. Surge are returned to their original trainers.


Pokémon debuts







  • Lt. Surge says that an evil Pokémon is unable to go into a PokéBall.