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Danger: High Voltorb (Japanese: VSビリリダマ VS. Biriridama) is the tenth round of the Pokémon Special manga and also the tenth one in the Red, Green & Blue chapter.


Red and his Pokémon take some fresh air in the hills near Vermilion City when they spot a huge ship in the ocean. A few minutes later Red is in front of the majestic S.S. Anne, decided to get in, he creeps inside unnoticed. But his duration in the ship is short; when he sees a suspicious Pokémon in one of the rooms he screams, and, thanks to the sailors, he is kicked off the ship. Thinking about the mysterious thing he saw, an odd old man interrupts and asks Red if he can see his Pokémon. Amazed by his team the old man introduces himself as the Pokémon Fan Club president and takes Red downtown to the Club House.

Inside the building a group of PokéFans chat about their favourite Pokémon and read their official magazine when the president, Red and his Pokémon arrive. Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl instantly grab everyone's attention. A girl asks Red about Nyoro and he responds that he has it since it was a Poliwag and mentions all the battles he has won with it, and a sudden silence sweeps the room. The president explains that the Pokémon Fan Club doesn't like to force Pokémon into battles and they prefer un-evolved ones, because they're cute. Suddenly a desperate man enters the room saying his Exeggutor has been stoled. With this situation the president sadly remembers his stolen Abra and seeing the old man crying, Red offers help. Since the thief acts around the same time every month and the fact that is needed a huge transport to carry all the Pokémon, Red concludes that the S.S. Anne is the answer.

Leaving Pika in the Fan Club, petition made by the president in a strange circumstance, Red enters again in the ship. Back in the room where he saw the suspicious Pokémon, Red finds a Poké Ball, but when he tries to touch it he gets zapped; it turns out to be a Voltorb. In a short battle Poliwhirl ends paralyzed, and a man appears out of nowhere and threatens Red for being a trespasser. Suddenly he sees Lt. Surge..and himself surrounded by a bunch of electric Pokémon ready to attack.

Major events

  • Red meets Lt. Surge.


Pokémon debuts






  • The suspicious Pokémon locked in a room on the S.S. Anne is a Hitmonlee.
  • Red says in this round that is very difficult to catch a Pokémon that already belongs to another trainer, counteracting the fact that he caught Misty's Gyarados back in Gyarados Splashes In!.
  • In the manga, Voltorb is the size of a Poké Ball.


  • Voltorb's height is 1′08″ (0.5m).