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Suddenly Starmie (Japanese: VSスターミー VS. Starmie) is the eighth round of the Pokémon Special manga and also the eighth one in the Red, Green & Blue chapter.


Inside of the huge mansion that Misty has for home and completely dressed up, she, Red and her maids eat in the salon table while Red tells the servants what happened in Mt. Moon, Misty says to him that they need serious training to defeat the next Team Rocket admins, but he doesn't take the idea in consideration and laughs about her knock out in the last battle, offended she retires of the salon. Later in the night Red is in his room when is attacked by a mysterious wind, however his Bulbasaur saves him and he finds a Gyarados scale in the chaos. The next day he tells to the maids that he will defeat the Cerulean Gym Leader that same day, in the middle of the laughs Misty says that she can take him to the Leader. When they arrive in the Gym, Misty reveals that she's the real Gym leader and surprisely attacks Red with her Starmie telling him that she was the last night vandalism author. Furious, Red chooses Bulbasaur but they're defeated by Starmie's BubbleBeam, suprised by Misty's attitude she tells him that she really wants to train with him to become stronger enough to defeat Team Rocket, seeing the importance of the matter Red finally accepts. A few days laters they say goodbye after an intense training, and hoping to see each other sometime soon Red leaves with a Cascadebadge in his T-shirt.

Major events

  • Misty reveals that she's the Cerulean Gym Leader.
  • Red loses a battle against Misty.
  • Red and Misty train together.
  • Red wins the Cascadebadge.


  • Misty's maids

Pokémon debuts