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Gyarados Splashes In!
VS. Gyarados
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 1
Round number 6
Location Route 4
Previous Round Onix is On!
Next Round Raging Rhydon

Gyarados Splashes In! (Japanese: VSギャラドス VS. Gyarados) is the sixth round in the Red, Green & Blue chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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An injured girl is being attacked by an enraged Gyarados, with her Staryu defending her. Staryu nearly faints as Red appears. Red decides to help with his Bulbasaur. Thanks to the type advantage, Gyarados's Hydro Pump doesn't hurt the grass Pokémon. Since Bulbasaur uses Leech Seed, Staryu has time to recover. With Bulbasaur's Vine Whip and Staryu's BubbleBeam, Red catches the beast. Red wonders why a water Pokémon would be in that area, so the girl tells him that the Gyarados belonged to her. She explains to Red that while she was training the Gyarados last week, someone stole it. When she found it again, it was enraged. They wonder who could have been able to do something like that, and Red decides that they should call Professor Oak from the Pokémon Center to hear his opinion. When they call him, Professor Oak believes that the atrocity was the work of Team Rocket, an evil organization that uses Pokémon as experiments. He also says that the Moon Stone, a rare stone that boosts Pokémon's powers immensely, had been found in Mt. Moon and that must be what Team Rocket is after. Red and the girl decide to work together in order to get revenge on Team Rocket. She explains that Mt. Moon is on the way back to her hometown, Cerulean City, and she introduces herself as Misty as they run off toward Mt. Moon.

Major events

  • Red meets Misty.
  • Red recatches Misty's Gyarados and supposedly gives it back to her.
  • Red joins Misty in her search for Team Rocket.


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Pokémon debuts







  • Professor Oak gives an introduction of Team Rocket and the Moon Stone.
  • This round shows that a trained Pokémon can be caught without being released by the original Trainer.
  • Just before it is caught, Gyarados breaks out of Bulbasaur's Leech Seed on its own, which is impossible to do in the games unless the affected Pokémon is swapped out or uses the move Rapid Spin.


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