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Onix is On! (Japanese: VSイワーク VS. Iwark) is the fifth round of the Pokémon Special manga and also the fifth one in the Red, Green & Blue chapter.


Red runs to the Pewter Gym's main arena to see a familiar face, Green and his Charmeleon battling in the boxing ring, after the registration is his turn. A muscle trainer and his Graveler are awaiting, but Pikachu doesn't listens to Red, so in this battle and in the next ones he uses Poliwhirl and Bulbasaur, which don't have much health left, but with Red's strategy of win with an one-hit K.O. in every battle, they face the Gym Leader Brock. The last battle begins, however Red's Pikachu refuses to fight and even attacks Red, furious for the trick Brock orders to his Onix the powerfull move Skull Bash, the rock snake forms a torpedo and launches itself against Pikachu, but Red saves it just in time, this takes the Pokémon by suprise and launches a huge electric attack that destroys Onix, giving the victory to Red. Admiring his new Boulderbadge Red tries to befriend Pikachu, but as the previous times it makes to him a dirty joke.

Major events

  • Red meets Brock.
  • Red battles with Brock.
  • Pikachu collaborates with Red.
  • Red wins the Boulderbadge.


  • Brock
  • Pewter Gym trainer

Pokémon debuts



  • Red
  • Green
  • Brock
  • Pewter Gym battler
  • Pewter citizens
  • Registration lady
  • Referee




  • All the battles in the Pewter Gym are wined by Red with an one-hit K.O..
  • Green's Charmander evolved into Charmeleon sometime between The Secret of Kangaskhan and this round.