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Mission Complete!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 4
Location Altru Tower
Manga series Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Batonnage - the Comic
Previous Chapter Team Dim Sun
Next Chapter None

Mission Complete is the fourth and final chapter of the Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Batonnage - the Comic manga.


The black-clad man addresses Kellyn and Kate as the 'problem kids' of Class 27, and threatens them with another suspension or even expulsion. Kate realises the man knows her name and recognises his voice from somewhere. She asks Kellyn where she's heard it before and he tells her it was at Ranger School. He finally explains the man is actually Mr Kincaid, the man who despised the two of them in their school years and constantly suspended them, preventing them from ever meeting. The man laughs and states Kellyn is correct and he is now known as Master Kincaid, leader of Team Dim Sun. He mocks them, giving '100 points' to Kellyn if this were an exam, and since this the first praise two problematic kids like the two of them have ever got from a teacher, he ought to give them some sort of reward. He has Darkrai attack them with many shadow attacks, forcing them to take cover. The two demand to know how Kincaid is controlling Darkrai, but he tells them he isn't and that Darkrai is acting by its own free will due to the rise of the shadow crystal. Kellyn realises that, as the guardian of the shadow crystal, Darkrai is fighting the dark power within itself, but cannot hope to beat it whilst it remains at the tower. Kincaid realises the same thing and laughs about it. Kellyn notices Darkrai's in pain and vows to help stop the rampage of the shadow crystal again to protect Darkrai as well as the rest of Almia's Pokémon, however he is unsure of how it do so. As Kincaid announces he will dominate the Almia region, Kate yells it was no surprise he bullied the two to them at Ranger School. Kincaid scolds her and tells her to be polite towards her old rather, but she yells back he's no teacher but just a malicious bully. This gets her attacked by Darkrai again. Kincaid ignores her and states that, with the transformed Darkrai as his partner, he will succeed where Blake Hall failed and will rule Almia. He disappears up to the top floor with Darkrai in the elevator. The rangers attempted to give chase but are forced up the stairs by a large group of controlled Pokémon.

Whilst running up the stairs, Kellyn starts thinking over various newspapers a trickles and incidents during the past, but struggles to find one to fit the situation. He stops Kate and informs her that for once he hasn't a clue what to do when they get there. Furious, Kate tells him to shut up and drags him by his wrist up the stairs to a platform near the pinnacle. Calming down, Kate tell Kellyn that if nothing like this has ever happened before, then that makes them the first to face a situation like this, something Kellyn is unfamiliar to. Seeing Kincaid reminded Kate of what she learnt at Ranger School. She asks Kellyn what a ranger is, and he answers it's a person who maintains harmony between people and Pokémon by enlisting the aid of Pokémon. She then asks him what is capturing, and he answers it's a way of bringing people and Pokémon together. Kate nods and tells him to stop thinking of the past and to focus on bringing people and Pokémon together. They heard the sound of the controlled Pokémon coming up the stairs, so Kate sends Kellyn and the Pachirisu on ahead by literally pushing Kellyn up the next flight of stairs. Kellyn considers Kate's words and muses to himself no one would ever think she was a technical genius. He thinks to himself she is right and he has to stop worrying. Darkrai is at the top of the tower struggling between light and darkness, and he needs confidence as a ranger that he can help it and spare it of pain. Using a Poké Assist from both Pachirisu he captures Darkrai. Kincaid orders Darkrai to attack Kellyn, but refuses. Kellyn remembers the word Vattonage means to draw out light from darkness and restore balance, and wonders if his capture managed to draw out the light from Darkrai's heart. Kincaid berates him as an impudent brat and attacks him with two Dusknoir before he can recover, but Darkrai shields Kellyn from the attack. He realises Darkrai still wants to protect the Lumina Crystal. As Kellyn, confidence restored, prepares to arrest Kincaid who Darkrai blew over with his attack, Kate, Barlow and the rest of the gang come rushing up the stairs to meet him. Barlow explains they got the yellow gem back from Heath, but he and rest of the Sinis Trio fled, abandoning Kincaid to his fate. The rangers out the three gems back in place and restore the Shadow Crystal back into the Lumina Crystal. The Sinis Trio watch on before commenting Kincaid didn't last long and the three of them leave together.

Back at the Ranger Union, the rangers have brought Kincaid and Darkrai back and explained the situation, that Darkrai was worried by the Lumina Crystal and stayed in Almia. Kellyn makes a pact with Darkrai that he and the rest of the rangers will continue to protect the Lumina Crystal and Darkrai is free it go wherever it's now free heart leads it. Professor Hastings, Erma and Melody lead Darkrai away whilst Kellyn and Kate begin a brand new mission together as partners.

Major events


  • Iyori

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